An 18th Century Spanish Church Gets A Thoroughly Modern Makeover

The crumbling centuries-old Sant Francesc Church and Convent, built in the first part of the Eighteenth Century in the Catalan town of Santpedor, was saved from near demolition, instead receiving a super modern makeover by Catalan architect David Closes. [Inhabitat]

The renovation itself took seven years, reaching completion only just recently. It will now serve as a cultural space and auditorium.

Closes cleaned up the dilapidated building and strengthened its structure with modern materials, such as glass, concrete and steel walls, staircases, and ramps.

The end result is a gorgeous mashup that honours the history of the space by accenting it with ultra modern updates.


    Modern, no. Mid 20th C retro modernist revival, yes. The truth is the new additions are just as old fashioned and quaint. The "mashup" of the two styles gives us a Post-Modernist result that is current because of the mix, not any of the individual parts.

      I would say its less of a two style mashup and more akin to a multi-car pileup. What really gets me is that the pretty much all the of the modernist retrofit concrete that they have shown in their pictures has been really badly poured.

      Do you listen to yourself talk??? I'm sure you're correct but wow...

    Great architecture. Pity such resources have been wasted on a church. It would have been far better value to build a market or a communal facility that could be used by a wider cross-section of the community.

      "The renovation itself took seven years, reaching completion only just recently. It will now serve as a cultural space and auditorium."

      It's a pity that people like you don't actually read the detail before making an opinion. Would hate to have you on a jury. Listen to ipod all day (if that was allowed in court) - verdict GUILTY.

    @James it's a cultural center and an auditorium, no longer a Church by function. I assume part of the brief would have been to show respect to space by holding those kinds of functions, in which case a market or somesuch might not have fit the bill.

    OTT I don't know why you think a church would not have served a largely Catholic community. That's what churches are *supposed* to do. Whether you believe they achieve that or not, I don't think it's fair to call a church a waste.

      Agreed. I am not a believer, my faith is in science. But frankly, I'm tired of the holier that thou attitude of some atheists (and might I add most atheists under 30 probably are so simply because they think it's trendy and rebellious.)

    Diamond plate metal staircase? Stay classy, Santpedor.

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