American Psycho With Android Phones Is Totally Perfect

If American Psycho is a pitch-perfect satirisation of 1980s yuppyism and excess, then this parody video from Tech Radar is a spot-on representation of what it's like buying a smartphone right now.

Here's the original, if you've never seen it:

Recessed lettering. Tasteful thickness. White. Yeah, throw in a Tegra 3 and there's basically zero difference between business cards and every gadget we crap our pants over today. [Gizmodo UK]


    Muffins are just small cakes

    Android phones? This is about all types of smart phone. :)
    It's funny, but it does not have the same meaning as the original, which is why it's funny, so the article commentary is fatuous..

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Yeah the original was classic...they all looked the same!

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