Alleged iPhone 5 Parts Assembled: Is This The New iPhone?

It's getting to be the time of year when new iPhone rumours are flying with abandon, and grains of salt are needed by the ton. But when industrious repair shop iLab takes a mess of purported new iPhone parts and assembles them into one very convincing device, it's worth paying attention.

Is this what Apple's new iPhone will look like when it's finally released later this year? Impossible to say, but it sure lines up with everything else we've heard. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it looks absolutely gorgeous.

The pics were unearthed by 9to5Mac, which points out that many of these parts have been floating around separately for several months now. But this particular Voltron seems to be the most complete look we've seen, and it matches up exactly with a rumoured iPhone 5 video that popped up recently from a different Apple parts supplier.

All the rumoured changes are present here: the stretched-out display, the unibody design, the two-tone colour scheme and the 19-pin connector. The back panel is missing much of the signage that you'd find on an iPhone, but that would make sense if this were just a reference part. And given that there's a decent chance that at least one iPhone has already been smuggled out of Foxconn, it follows logic that parts are making the rounds as well.

More exterior shots and components can be found over at iLab. This may or may not turn out to be what Apple's next iPhone looks like -- we won't know for sure until later this year. But that doesn't mean we can't hope just a little that it will be this appealing. [iLab via 9to5Mac]



    should I say wow or should I say neh, i am not sure....

      it seems a bit too meh. we've come to expect apple to radically update the look of their devices when the number goes up in their iterations. unless it's not the iphone "5"..

        Apple: The New iPhone

          this makes sense.

    I really don't like that 2 tone finish on the back...

    The whole thing looks outdated IMO.

      I agree the 'smuggled out white iPhone' looked fugly and this doesn't look much better.

    Wow, and I thought it looked like a Samsung

      +1. Looks like my s2.

      Nice work. Thanks to this comment, there will be 9 new patent lawsuits in 5 countries by next Monday.

    If that's a realistic reflection of the new iPhone it will disappoint a lot of people. It's an incremental improvement over the 4/4S. Given that many buyers of the iPhone consider it a fashion item (not just a phone/gizmo) this could be a problem for Apple.

    I'm finding that most smart phones look very similar these days - when most of the front is a touchscreen there is only so much you can do with the look.

    I would call it gorgeous at all - looks like Apple ran out of ideas and created frankendesign out of its existing phones - back from the original iphone and front from a 4/4s.

      Sorry - I meant to say "wouldn't"!

    well I was waiting for new design and new inside of course but inside they always put lots of new things but if this is the new iphone lots of people will be upset... I got a feeling its gonna be again like Iphone 4 went to Iphone 4s sort of like update than its gonna be The New Iphone or Iphone 4G lol people these days want not just inside but outside as well...

    Wow, if this is what it will look like, no regrets getting the One XL...

    iPhone 4S-2

    Thats not the new Iphone, it's just another Sony prototype :P

    Wow! Looks exactly the F*n same.

      "Apple... producing the same shit over and over and over and over... while others innovate. Then suing their asses."

        Angry nerds.. saying the same shit over and over while others do anything else.

    really gorgeous? more like dated and boring... Apple are going to have to pull their finger out if they wanna keep up with the game, sooner or later people are going to realize they're paying a premium for another rehash

    It's just going to be called the "new iPhone anyway" so no iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s2. And yeah looks like they gone back to the original iphone design of two tone metal back? With crappy maps in ios6, a new dock
    Port that won't support my accessories me things galaxy 3 is the future together with win8 - time to abandon apple.

    Do you hear that? The sound of apple shares dropping .

    Screw you Apple, we're through. If I have to upgrade all my dockable items it will be to an industry standard port, NOT another proprietary port that you can abuse/milk/change at will to grab a few extra bucks.

      Why are all the commenters on this site always so mad about anything that might involve spending a few dollars?

    Absolutely gorgeous? Looks absolutely terrible. So sick of that 4/4S shape and this looks identical. As a pot-committed Apple product user I expected more than this crap for an upgrade from my 4

    headphone jack at the bottom? Please God no.

    micro USB connection at the bottom is consistant with what people ahve been saying

      It wont be micro USB, that would be far to logical and convenient for apple .
      it will be a small proprietary connector that will not be compatible with anything outside the apple ecosystem and will only allow you to communicate with other current gen apple devices.

    In the end it looks like a better looking update to the stale old iphone4 design, but still behind the good looking stuff coming out of Samsung, HTC etc.
    But then Apple doesn't just compete on external aesthetics and design, contrary to general opinion- so what it looks like isn't toooo important, as long as it doesn't look too crappy and is changed enough that the market sees it as a new device, unlike the iphone4s debacle.

    Apple could make it look soo much better - lacking of imagination somewhat(copying some asian company).
    But, they could make it look like a dogshit sandwich and the fanboyz will still buy it - Apple still wins

    I don't think it's ugly. I actually like the two-tone design, but if this is true, it's just a stretched iPhone 4. And those speaker grills on the bottom are just nasty. I'm disappointed if this proves to be true. The iPhone 4 is one of the most beautiful designs in phone history along with the HTC One S and the Lumia 800.

    The back is soooo ugly. Its looks so stupid. Like its been stretched.

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