Agloves Touchscreen Gloves Review: Reach Out And Touch Screens

We've all been there. It's cold outside so you don a pair of gloves for warmth, only to have a call or message come through on your smartphone that needs your attention. Then it's a race to take your hands out of their snug hidey-holes to respond, defeating the purpose of wearing the gloves in the first place. That's where Agloves touchscreen gloves come in.

Editor's note: I'll be honest, I hate gloves. That's why when the Agloves gadget-friendly gloves came across my desk, I got someone who loves gloves to review them, my wife Milly. Be nice, you lot.

What Are They?

These are a pair of charcoal black gloves that let you use your phone, tablet or other touchscreen device while keeping your hands nice and warm. They'll cost you $US17.99 which is reasonable for a pair of gloves.

What's Good?

The two things you want to do with gloves is keep your hands warm and type on your smartphone.

I typed this with the gloves on and they go alright. You have to be quite deliberate with your taps on the screen which can get messy when you're typing on smaller, more finnicky screens, but it sure as hell beats having to take a glove off to skip a song or type a message on a cold morning.

What's Bad?

The gloves are kind of bling-ish, and that's not really my kind of thing. I'm not sure if that's what carries the signal to the gloves or if it's just a dodgy style choice.

The gloves will keep you warm enough during an Australian winter but you wouldn't want to get caught with them in the snow or in a New York winter, for example.

There's a tag on the inside that rubs on my wrist and drove me bonkers, and while we're on design, it's worth mentioning that more than a few loose threads started sticking out after using them for a while, mainly on the fingers.

Should You Buy Them?

If you're looking to operate your smartphone between 5 and 15-degrees but still want to keep your hands warm, these are the gloves for you. $US17.99 is a great price too, but you wouldn't want to go skiing with them, for example. In Australia, you can get them for $35 from []


    Good review.
    I find that a pair of good leather gloves work wine with capacitive touch-screens in the same way- as long as you're deliberate with your touches.

    You can get capacitive touch gloves from eBay for less than $3.

      Thanks! Bought!

    Is there any way to convince their web store to ship to Australia? Or is there some alternative way of buying them?

      Yeah, you can ship from Australia from

    All you need is come conductive thread!

    & I personally would go this route, as you can put the glove one and figure out where on the glove you normally would press the screen, then stick a couple of stitches though.

    With some nice Gloves & some descent stitching you should be able to an effect that is barely visible.
    Also Try your local Sewing shop before you go running around the web, these once a pone a time where hubs of creativity, you'll be amazed at what they stock.

    You can buy the more popular 'Sport' version in Australia from for $35 including delivery.

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