Adapter Lets Canon EF Lenses Play Nice With Micro Four Thirds

If you're not blown away by the selection of lenses available for your Sony NEX or other Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera, Kipon has just announced its own adaptor that lets photographers use older Canon EF mount lenses, complete with electronic aperture control.

Kipon's adaptor isn't the first to offer such functionality — Metabones has one that's been on back-order for ages, but it only works with Sony's NEX mirrorless cameras. Kipon's offering will work with other Micro Four Thirds cameras as well, like the Olympus PEN E-P2, but currently a lot of other questions are left unanswered. Will it support other electronic functionality like autofocus or image stabilisation? Can Canon's newer EF-S mount lenses also be used (with some compromises)? And most importantly, when will the adaptor be available and will it be cheaper than Metabone's $US400 solution?

[Kipon via DPreview]

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