AAPT Confirms Data Breach, But Was Anonymous Involved?

AAPT has this afternoon confirmed that it has experienced a data breach that resulted in lost user data, but the question that remains unanswered is whether or not this was the work of Anonymous and Operation Australia.

AAPT's woes were first reported by iTNews, with the telco today confirming that the user data of some of its business customers was stolen after one of its servers at hosting provider Melbourne IT was breached.

AAPT's CEO David Yuile has seemingly brushed off the attack, though, saying that it was "historic" data. His statement (which was all in caps when it came to us):

It was brought to our attention by our service provider Melbourne IT, at approximately 9:30PM last night that there had been a security incident and unauthorised access to some AAPT business customer data stored on servers at Melbourne IT.

AAPT immediately instructed Melbourne IT to shut down the servers when we were notified of the incident.

Preliminary findings suggest it was two files that were compromised and the data is historic, with limited personal customer information. Further, the servers on which the files were stored have not been used or connected to AAPT for at least 12 months.

We'll stop there for a second. Why? Because we need to shout about something.

It doesn't matter if you haven't used it in a year, nor does it matter if the data lost was "historic". You still lost customer data and it's still very serious. Let's not brush it off.

Let's continue:

We are undertaking a thorough investigation into the incident with Melbourne IT and the relevant authorities to establish exactly the type and extent of data that has been compromised, how the security incident happened and what further measures are required to prevent any future incidents.

AAPT is extremely concerned about this incident and is treating the matter with the utmost seriousness. AAPT will be con acting any impacted customers as soon as possible.


What remains unanswered is whether or not the data breach was associated with Anonymous' Operation Australia. Anonymous issued a threat two days ago that it would expose data related to an Australian internet service provider to protest the mandatory data retention scheme proposed by Attorney General Nicola Roxon.

The two events are far too close together to be a coincidence, though, surely.

We'll update this when we find out more.



    Anon seemed to have claimed reponsibliity.

    I think if we can identify the guy in the photos, we can shut the book on just about every crime on the internet.

      LOL'd promptly and lengthily, will buy again A++++++++


      There he is!

    well is it AAPT's fault or Melbourne IT's fault the intrusion happen?

    That said good luck for the customer data actually been accurate. It is AAPT we're talking about.

    The response from AAPT could be interpreted to mean that AAPT think it's Melbourne IT's fault. The servers in question "been used or connected to AAPT for at least 12 months". Could it be that AAPT discontinued a hosting/colo/dedicated server service with Melbourne IT and stupidly relied on Melbourne IT to remove data from the servers?

    Melbourne IT then forgot to/neglected to/didn't nuke the servers. As a result of AAPT cancelling the service, and Melbourne IT forgetting to do the actual cancellation, the server(s) were basically neglected and received no monitoring or IDS presence.

    All speculation, but the AAPT release is pretty interestingly worded.

    (Opinions above not entirely my own: gleaned from a few people on a mailing list)

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