Track The Raspberry Pi Around The World

Track The Raspberry Pi Around The World

So often products are released and scattered to the wind to gadget geeks all over the world. What happens to them next? Who owns them and loves them? With the Raspberry Pi computer, we’re now able to find out thanks to a nifty mapping project from a UK schoolboy.

It’s called (imaginatively so) the Raspberry Pi Tracker and it was built by a 16-year old living in the UK named Ryan Walmsley.

According to Ryan’s map, Australia plays host to 276 registered Raspberry Pi owners and I salute every single one of them for owning one of the coolest pieces of kit I’ve ever seen.

It’s no surprise though that the majority of the 7853 Raspberry Pi units are living in the United Kingdom: the things are shipped out from there. There are a few hundred scattered across Europe, while in North America there are roughly 1300 registered Pis getting about.

Amazingly, there are two Pis in Antarctica and 62 in New Zealand. Who knew?

Good work on this one, Ryan.

Do you have a Raspberry Pi? Get and register yourself. [Raspberry Pi Tracker]