175-Degree Display Fills Your Entire Vision With Gaming Goodness

The makers of this utterly fantastic 160-inch behemoth of a wraparound display -- a Swedish company called Norman Design -- claim the entire rig is actually portable. But since it takes at least an hour to set up, and weighs over 50kg, we'd be content with just leaving this permanently assembled in our gaming rooms.

To fill that 160-inches of screen real estate the display uses a series of rear-mounted projectors seamlessly blended together, powered by a sufficiently capable gaming PC running special software.

The results, of course, are stunning. Completely wrapping you in the on-screen action. But there's a catch, and you can probably easily guess what it is. The screen actually comes as part of an F1 racing simulator kit, complete with a motion-capable seat, that sells for over $US114,000. Ouch. The screen can be purchased separately, however, we're going to assume it will still set you back as much as a reasonably priced car. [CruelRacing via Born Rich]



    Very cool, but definitely not seamless.

    WHY..!! Why would you show me this knowing full well I could never afford it...!! :[

    Too bad the only thing its good for is racing games and flight simulators.

      Or Virtual tours.
      Or Sports.
      Or ... well .. pretty much anything that can do with more peripheral vision to enhance the experience.
      Personally, I would love this for my FPV flying. Similar to a flight Sim I guess, but way WAY cooler and with real scenery instead of CGI.
      Hmmmm.. Must look into building one of these myself. How hard can it be? ;P

    Three screen display is better and more realistic if you want a simulator experiance and is affordable

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