15 Early Aeroplanes With More Wings Than A Bucket Of Fried Chicken

In the early days of manned flight, people generally had no clue what they were doing. If two wings could make the contraption fly, more wings must make it soar, right? Our friends at Oobject have assembled 15 of the most grandiose, excessive and redundant aeroplane wing designs of all time.

1896 Chanute-Avery Multiple-Wing Gliding Machine, Katydid

1904 Horatio Phillips Multiplane

His first manned machine, the 1904 multiplane had 21 wings and looked the most conventional of the three machines he created.

1907 Flying Machine, Horatio Phillips

The last of three flying machines built by Phillips, the result is more like a wooden framed building than an aircraft, yet Phillips was the first person to truly understand that science of flight.

1908 Roshon Multiplane

1908, Marquis D'equevilly Multiplane

1909 Dufaux Tiltrotor

1910 Smith Multiplane

1910 Jacobs Multiplane

1910 Zerbe Multiplane

1911 Gibson Multiplane

1914 Howard Huntington Multiplane

1919 Zerbe Air Sedan

1920 Johns Multiplane

1921 Caproni Ca.60 Flying Boat

1923 Human Powered Gerhardt Cycleplane

The first human powered aircraft.

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