1486-Piece B-Wing Is The Most Amazing Lego Set In A Very Long Time

Holy Mother of the Minifigchrist! Check out the new Lego B-wing fighter. It's simply amazing — the best Ultimate Collector Series set since the still unmatched 10.8kg, 5,159-block Millennium Falcon. The Danish mothership sent us high resolution images and video. Check them out.

The video is particularly interesting, with the set designer described how he designed the whole thing starting from the cockpit which is made from wheels from other sets. One of them is a caterpillar piece from a bulldozer from the 70s!

The 1486-piece Lego B-wing star fighter is $US200, and that is cheap. Once they are out of production, these things' prices skyrocket to the thousands.

The B-wing includes a really cool rotating, self-levelling cockpit as well as configurable wings for landing and flight. It also includes a dedicated display stand and fact plaque. Measures 26 inches (66 cm) wide by 38cm high in flight configuration, and 43cm high on display stand.

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