Your First Look At Tweetbot For Mac

Under the guise of praising the new MacBook Pro's gorgeous retina display, Tapbots' Mark Jardine just confirmed the existence of the Tweetbot Mac app.

He was lauding the pretty screen, posting a picture that showed Tweetbot for OS X open on his laptop. When asked later, he wouldn't say anything directly about the client, but he posted a a higher-res picture that gave a closer glimpse — and Tweetbot for Mac looks pretty similar to its iPhone counterpart. The Verge said Tapbots indeed answered in the affirmative the app is coming, and we've reached out to the company for more information. If it is, in fact, coming, many users will be pleased. Twitter for Mac hasn't been updated in well over a year, meaning people are probably looking around for other viable alternatives. [The Verge]


    This can't come soon enough. Love Tweetbot on my iPhone, but the best App I've found for my Mac is Echofon, and even that's a bit lacking.

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