You Can 3D Print Scale Versions Of Famous Statues For Your Home

Museums are usually pretty guarded about their collections — selling merchandise pays the bills! New York's Metropolitan Museum is defying this tradition by making plans available so that you can 3D print many great sculptures from its collection using a MakerBot.

Earlier this month, a batch of MakerBot enthusiasts set upon the met with digital cameras and used 3D capture tech to create plans of many of the Met's classic works. The fruit of their labours? If you've got access to a $US2000 MakerBot Replicator, you can print out your own sculpture garden. Head over to the museum's page on MakerBot's open source plan community, Thingiverse, pick out one of the 3D works uploaded so far, and put your MakerBot to work. [MakerBot and Thingiverse]

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