Yep, Jeans With A See-Through Pocket For Your Phone Sadly Do Exist

Humanity sadly takes a collective step backwards with Alphyn Industries' new DELTA415 Wearcom jeans that feature a zippered pocket with a see-through pouch for accessing your smartphone without having to remove it first.

We've already addressed the issue of bigger and bigger smartphones being harder and harder to carry in a pair of skinny jeans. But this? This isn't the solution to that problem. In fact, this isn't the solution to anything -- besides a sub-conscious need you might have of looking like a complete tool.

Supposedly inspired by the pockets on a fighter pilot's G-suit, these $US160 jeans are completely lacking everything cool about fighter planes that lets a pilot get away with such a fashion faux-pas. Even a top gun couldn't get away with wearing these as civilian attire, so take our advice and don't even try to pull them off.

[Alphyn Industries via Cult of Mac]


    These jeans are not the problem. It's iPhone obsessed people that are making humanity take a step backwards.

      Not just iPhones but phones and smartphones in general

        Facebook is what is making humanity take a step backwards, 20 years old and proud to say I do not have an account.

    Yipee, now it's even easier for idiots to text while they driving!

    The jeans themselves look a bit daggy.
    Not tight enought to be emo skinny jeans,
    Not baggy enough to be hip-hop/homeboy/wigger jeans,
    Not hip enough to be hipster jeans,
    They look like Dads jeans.

      +1 haha

      And that's who'll buy them. This is the 2012 equivalent of clipping your mobile to your belt.

        You mean like regular jeans...?
        What do people who aren't "hipster", "emo" or "hip-hop/homeboy/wigger" wear?
        Or is everyone one who doesn't fit into one of your stereotypes a father?

        These looks horrible but so do skin tight mens jeans and baggy thigh huggers. Get a grip.

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