WSJ: Apple Will Launch New Map App Before End Of 2012

There have been plenty of rumours recently suggesting that Apple is going to ditch Google maps and launch its own, in-house map app. Now, the Wall Street Journal is independently reporting that Apple's maps are on the way, as part of iOS 6.

The Wall Street Journal confirms what has been suggested before: Apple will drop Google maps from iOS 6 in favour of its own software. The Journal cites existing and former Apple employees, who all confirm that the software will be launched later this year, and also hint that a preview will be on show at next week's WWDC. That all ties up very neatly with what's been suggested in the past.

In fact, the Journal article is a neat summary of how Google and Apple's relationship has changed over the last six years, and it's well worth reading for the history lesson alone. Now, of course, the two find themselves in direct competition, which makes Google's plan to launch the next generation of its map software on June 6 an interesting one. [Wall Street Journal via The Verge]

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