Would This Video Make You Stop Smoking?

In this Thai Health advertisement, two small children approach random smoking adults on the street and ask them for a light. Unsurprisingly, those they ask attempt to educate the kids on the dangerous of smoking and magically, the hypocrisy is brought to light. There's a nice simplicity to the ad, but I can't help but feel that, like many smoking ads, it assumes those who do smoke are oblivious to the risks.

It's definitely clever in its approach, but it should be pointed out that most adults who smoke do already knowing the risks. On the other hand, it can be argued that a young child might not, so I'm not surprised by the mini-lectures provided by the people in the video.

I'm not a smoker, so I can't comment on the persuasiveness of the video. What I can say is that, while it's clever, I don't see it being more or less effective than the super-gross-out-cancer shock ads we see in Australia.



    The cognitive dissonance is easy for the smoker to overcome. "It won't happen to me". Nicotine is an incredibly powerful and addictive drug. As an ex smoker I am well aware of the mental gymnastics you can go through to justify continuing to smoke.

    Smokers know it's unhealthy and can cause deadly disease. At some point far in the future. We humans are bad at stopping harmful habits NOW for a payoff LATER.

    The only Stop Smoking campaign that actually works, is the Positive "Every cigarette you don't smoke is doing you good." THAT'S the way to get a thoughfull response, as I don't see how making people feel ashamed and pathalogical terrorfied of death every time you light up, can help anyone. And this is coming from a smoker.

      To you maybe, this is merely a state of mind and the approach needed needs to be fine tuned to the own psychology of the smoker.. basically im saying every smoker neess their own personal assistant to structure a give up smoking tactix

    That is a seriously good ad. I'm readying myself for another quit attempt at the moment. Preparation is key. As is staying the hell away from coffee and alcohol for at least a few weeks!

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    This one works - http://bit.ly/O88NwC

    Why's it hypocrisy? If you choose to smoke, you're a consenting adult who's making an educated and knowing lifestyle choice. Yes, I know there are tonnes of health risks with smoking but sometimes there's really nothing better at the end of a long day or to calm the nerves. Children are not capable of making these decisions, so we enact these laws to protect them. Once they reach the age of consent and want to smoke, it's hands off. And besides, it's Thailand. Everyone smokes everywhere.

      Worst argument for justifying smoking ever. Your argument would apply to ALL drugs. Though you would say I am taking it out of context but you never boundaries on your analogy so neither would I. I can't say how hard it is to quit as I am 25 and have never had a drop of alcohol, a draw of a cigerette or any sort of drug substance so maybe I'm not the best spokesperson. Why I never did any of those things is because of the following reason. I go partying 3-4 nights a week till the late AM & have fun, have a huge social circle of friends I call family, been in a 5yr happy relationship & not at any time would any of those 3 things help or hinder me in my life. Though at the end of my life that is where you'll get the pain. Though I don't stop people it is your life to accept a foreign known damaging substance into your body. Have fun with that.

        Oh god your life sounds awful. 5 year relationship at 25? I don't do any of those 3 habitually, but I certainly have experimented with all three. When you are older I'm sure you'll realise pretending to be grown up and responsible during your prime years was the biggest mistake you could of made. And besides, who goes out for parties if they're in a committed relationship as well as not planning to consume any alcohol. Lighten up man!

    "Nicotine is an incredibly powerful and addictive drug". Actually outside of tobacco smoke it's only about as addictive as caffeine. It also has essentially the same effects on your body. Nicotine isn't the problem - smoking is.

    If anybody wants to quit and hasn't been successful in the past I can't recommend either e-cigs or snus enough. THAT'S what we need to be teaching people - not making them feel guilty about something they already know is bad for them.

      Nicotine can be bad, even when not smoked as it prevents cell death including mutated cancer cells, this "feature" of nicotine is useful when it comes to diabetic wounds that need the cells to stop dying.

      Can't find the link posted to slashdot.org about 2007, where they discussed the derivatives of nicotine being studied, or the fact that most people that find it impossible to quit often have an undiagnosed mental illness and they're self medication on a combination of nicotine, alcohol and caffeine...

      Being from Sweden, which AFAIK is the only place where you use snus I feel obliged to tell you how wrong you are. Most people I know who have used snus as a substitute for smoking have told me that getting off snus was even worse than to give up the smoking. Studies have even shown that it is almost as hard to stop using snus as it is with heroin. There are also about 40 or so MORE kinds of harmful chemicals in snus than in ordinary cigarettes. You could probably ask almost every Swede who has been abroad(since you can't buy it anywhere else) for an extend period of time and they will tell you the same.

      I both smoke and use snus when in Sweden and to be honest I don't really care about the dangers but if I would catch my younger brother using either he would get a beating so bad that his grandchildren will get bruses.

        Doesn't really matter how addictive it is - that's only a problem if you want to quit using nicotine. The main issue is how dangerous is Snus compared to smoking. All of the data to date shows it to be as safe as quitting entirely, and about as likely to kill you as your car is!

    Cigarettes contain more chemicals than tobacco and are an awfully addictive substance which should be removed from the market. Personally, I like smoking - but I do it responsibly with cigars and pipes and limit it to a few times a month without inhaling - not entirely without risk, but what is in life? Enjoy because we are not here for long. This is an effective advertisement and I hope it encourages cigarette smokers to quit.

      If I was to ever take up smoking it would be later on in life with a fine crafted pipe while sipping a fine drink in front of a warm fire.

    I am not a smoker. But one fact is more people die from obesity and alcohol than from smoking. Just wondering why smoking adds are so aggressive ???????????

      Because food and alcohol in moderation are perfectly safe, smoking on any level is harmful to your body. Also it's hard to say what amount of food and alcohol is healthy for everyone because we are all different.

      It is also important to mention that, with alcohol, or caffeine, having a drink in moderation doesn't directly effect anyone nearby.

      However, someone smoking near you exposes you to passive smoke. Unless one lives in isolation, their choice to smoke effects the health of those around them.

    Nek minnit... Those Kids start smoking weed lol

    Telling people to stop smoking is a waste of time. They will only quit when they want to, the ads and campaigns dont work at all.
    We need to work on stopping people starting, mainly kids. Smoking is still regarded as cool amongst the younger generation.
    Plain packaging and covered off cigs at shops is a good step I believe.

    Asian market (particularly Koreans I notice) are chugging em down like they're juicy fruits.

    Whenever I've quit smoking, it's always because the smell and mess it makes get's to me, however, I forget about that pretty quickly when I take it up again... I've tried quitting 4 times this year, never getting further then 3 days... It's harder when my partner is trying to quit at the same time.

    How much does it cost for a packet? I'm too cheap to smoke! Maybe for those who can manage money well take it out of their budget and save it for something else for end of the year. That's more rewarding.

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