Wotnews To Close, We Are Hunted To Blame

Wotnews To Close, We Are Hunted To Blame

Australian news aggregation site Wotnews will close its doors on Saturday and divert all of its resources to New York to work on the music streaming service, We Are Hunted.

Wotnews is a subscription-based news aggregator that sought to save you time by collecting the news and announcements relevant to you, and then pushing it to your inbox in newsletter-like chunks of information.

Its founder, Stephen Phillips got involved with the co-founders of music aggregation, curation and streaming service We Are Hunted. We Are Hunted was born in Brisbane in 2009 and saw Phillips inject developer resources from Wotnews into the music and search platforms.

According to a farewell announcement on the site, the Wotnews development staff has been swallowed up by the We Are Hunted project, pulling all the developers over to New York City and away from Wotnews.

The announcement:

Wotnews will be closing down on the 23rd June 2012. We would like to thank everyone for their support of the site over the years.

The team responsible for developing Wotnews has moved to New York City. We are busy working on our other site WeAreHunted.com. 

All member data will be deleted on the 23rd June 2012. If you have any queries about the site shutdown, please contact info@wotnews.com.au.

Thanks and best of luck. 
The Team @ Hunted Media

I love Wotnews and it’s sad to see it go, but on the flipside, We Are Hunted is an awesome site that can only serve to benefit from having more resources thrown at it.

Good luck, guys! [Wotnews]