Windows Phone 8 Will Be Powered By A Snapdragon S4 Plus Processor

It seems that Qualcomm and Microsoft are continuing their cosy relationship, with Snapdragon S4 Plus processors set to power Windows Phone 8.

A couple of weeks ago, Qualcomm launched tiers for the Snapdragon platform. The S4 Plus is built for a wide array of smartphones. It's dual-core, up to 1.7GHz, up to Adreno 305 GPU, it has built-in 3G and 4G LTE, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth. It's a nice bit of kit, and for the geeks out there, it will be the Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960, specifically, according to Qualcomm.

It's interesting that they would only mention the Plus at this point, because Microsoft said today that Windows 8 would support multiple cores (up to 64). The S4 Pro is the one that can have up to four cores and an Adreno 320 GPU, but we've not seen any of these yet, so perhaps they're just waiting to announce that at a later date. In any case, it's nice to know where your guts are coming from. [Qualcomm]



    I use this chip in my HTC One XL - it's fast and smooth. No noticeable differences with the performance of the One X (identical phone with Tegra3 processor) but with the addition of LTE support.

    The important thing IMHO is that data absolutely screams through this chip - I've clocked 52 Mbps down and 26 up. Network dependant of course but the key thing is that the chip can get the most out of the network.

    It's a solid chip to launch WP8 - looking forward to being tempted away from Android...

    How cool would a phone with a fully functional USB socket be? You could connect a thumb-drive to it and transfer files and all kinds of handy things.

      Not exactly the same I know but any Android phone has a microusb port that you can plug and play anything into (with an adapter if its full size USB). As Android has an accessible file system you can easily transfer to and from a USB drive. You can also use a mouse or game controller or keyboard or whatever.

      Never really used this on my phone but I often use it on my tablet - great for just plugging your camera in to see photos on a big screen.

      With WP8 getting closer and closer to Win8 we could potentially see this on WP.

        Wow! I never thought that was more than a data port - only for data transfer to and from the phone between it and a comp... That opens up more possibilities.

      USB On-the-go has been a feature of Android since ... Gingerbread? One of the Gingerbread updates? I forget... in any case, it's good to see but hardly revolutionary. Importantly we've seen what people do (or don't) actually use USB-OTG for, and it's just something that's nice to have rather than game-changing.

    usb is so 1999.... cloud it all !

    I'm a huge fan of WP. Most people write it off and don't give it the attention it deserves. Really hoping for better integration with Windows 8 and X-Box. @SuspectedGeek

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