Will Vodafone Still Stream Cricket?

Will Vodafone Still Stream Cricket?

Vodafone Australia has announced plans to dump its sponsorship deals with the Australian test cricket team and the V8 Supercars to focus the cash on better customer service and on building a better network. That’s all well and good, but what does it mean for the cricket tragics who want to stream live to their phones and tablets?

Vodafone told us this morning that, for now, there’s nothing to fear.

The sponsorship deal with Cricket Australia isn’t scheduled to end until the conclusion of the 2012-2013 summer. That means that the Cricket Live Australia app Vodafone developed in partnership with Cricket Australia and the Channel 9 commentary team will still bring you the upcoming season of the game.

Vodafone still needs to negotiate over the future of the Cricket Live Australia app, but the telco is pretty sure that the app will stick around in one form or another.

Greg Spears, Vodafone’s head of corporate communications, says that Cricket Australia would likely look to keep the app, which currently brings the game to 800,000 Vodafone subscribers.

“I would imagine Cricket Australia would want to continue to use [the Live Cricket Australia app]. It might become used under license even. From a cricketing point of view…it puts it in front of a massive audience and the app itself was highly successful,” he said this morning.

Image: Jon Oakley