Will Microsoft Announce An Xbox Surface Tablet?

Microsoft is announcing something today, and no one has any idea what it will be. Barnes & Noble officially said that it has nothing to do with whatever is happening today, so the rumour mill is eagerly hopping to the next rumour: a 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet.

The leaked specs of the Xbox Surface, which come from Shifted2u, supposedly show a 7-inch 1280x720 tablet with multitouch and an ARM processor that can connect to a "stationary computing device", presumably for streaming content. So would that make the Xbox Surface a glorified Xbox controller for its SmartGlass technology, or would it just be a Microsoft-made tablet that shares more Surface features than Xbox gaming qualities?

Anyway, we'll find out what Microsoft has up its sleeve soon enough. The top secret event is supposed to start at 8.30am AEST. Stay tuned. [Shifted2u via CNET]

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