Will Instagram Warp Our Grandchildren's Perception Of Reality?

You know the old joke about how kids think their grandparents lived in an actual black and white world, because the only proof they have is ancient photos? Well what happens when the only photographic evidence of our lives is faux-filtered?

The Atlantic Wire's Richard Lawson is joking, yeah, but the guy makes a point! We look back at past generations as vague, pale, ghostlike -- they seem even more distant than they really are from the pictures they've left us with. But what about us, snapping hundreds of over-saturating, hyper-vintage, deliberately-distorted records of our lives? How's that going to rub off on posterity? Daddy, why was everything sepia when you were 25? And I'll reply, RoboDaughter, I'm impressed you know the word sepia already. [Twitter]


    Its more like "Daddy, why all your picture sepia compare to all others of your era?" Robodaughter, I use instagram... Ohhh i heard about that in history class, So uou mean to tell me that you not only take bad 2D photo but deliberlately make it worst, why daddy?... Because i was an idiot.

    Nostalgia's fine, but it makes no sense to be wrapped up in someone else's . 95% of the people who play with Instagram have probably never even seen one of the cameras it's based on.

    I hate it almost as much as the trend in videography these days to try and make stuff look vaguely Super 8-ish. Moronic. Super 8 film, properly maintained, never looked so shitty - half of the time these idiots look like they've been staining their videos in stale piss.

    I really hate people sometimes.

    There's more to photography than Instagram. Don't know about your grandchildren, but mine will be looking at decent-resolution photos with good fidelity which closely represent the scene which the camera was pointed at.

    My folks never had high-end gear, but they always took care with their photography and the photos so I can look back at ~30 year old photos and they could have been developed yesterday.

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