Why Windows RT Tablets Are Destined To Be Expensive

The Metro UI on Windows 8 looks amazing and should be incredibly well-suited for use on tablets in its Windows RT guise. It will, however, cost you if you want to give it a try.

VR-Zone is reporting that Microsoft is planning to charge OEMs an average of $US85 per Windows RT install. Compare that to the cost of an Android install -- which is, um, free -- and it's obvious that Windows tablets are going to struggle to compete on price.

In fact, VR-Zone also reports that those same OEMs have suggested that, at launch, Windows RT tablets will probably go for $550-$800, with some high-end products reaching $900. For reference, the most expensive Wi-Fi iPad is $759. All told, these rumoured Windows tablet prices seem just a little bit too high to sell well. Let's wait and see. [VR-Zone]


    never hurt apple to sell at a high price, because apparently they had the best stuff - well now Microsoft have the best stuff, so i'm sure that selling it at a high price will attract all the idiots who spent big on Apple.

    lucky for me i am going to get these paid for by work (both to test and to have for personal)

      But Apple have the cheapest (usable) tablets. I'd be asking the same question here as I do with expensive Android tablets, "Why would I buy one of these over an iPad?".

        why would you want one over an iPad?

        well the question is more about what suits you - the same questions of "why would i want a Holden over a Ford?" or "why a VW over an Audi?" or "why a latte over a flat white" or why would i go over seas vs in Australia for a holiday?"

        it is about personal taste - give everything a go, and if it suits your personality (like the Windows and Android tablets do for me), then the answer is simple.

        Your technological choices should be about extending your personality thought products, as well as their ability to perform to your standards. Most people dont want to know, or are incapable of understanding technology at a level beyond turning it on, and clicking around - this is why Apple has done so well, they keep it simple so simple people can use it.

        Android is about customization and configuration, which appeals to those of us who want to tinker or embed a part of ourselves onto a device.

        Windows 8 on tablets is in the middle, and from my own experiences using a prototype Nokia tablet, it feels as though everything i want is just there - and it just works. I know it might sound strange, but it feels like i have expanded my thoughts onto the tablet - using the tablet seems like i am having a conversation in my mind with myself - i dont have to think, i just do, and it works :)

      In my experience, it's not about content. The majority of Apple users I've met have chosen them simply because they look "better".

      Not sure anyone can say that "Now Microsoft have the best stuff" until they actually get a tablet out in the market and it can be cross tested against iPads and Android tablets on the market at the same time.

    Considering that the Windows 8 Tablets will be sold to businesses first, I don't see a major problem with the price. After the first year, the price should come down and this will allow for the public to afford them. If this that is all true then nothing wrong.

      no "smart" business would be stupid enough to buy any slate device without full powered computer functionality - only a yuppy ceo would walk around with his ipad because he doesnt actually need to type/write real reports and do any real work besides checking his email and calendar every 10 minutes

      No way will business adopt Windows 8 RT. Seems like a lot of people are already starting to mix up the Windows 8 versions. A lot of people will be disappointed to take home there Windows 8 RT tablet not knowing they can't run their existing Windows software. Windows RT is Metro only and a direct competitor to iOS and Android. If Windows 8 RT is priced more than the others it will have a failing start. Android tablets have only started to gain ground as the continue to reduce in price close to or under the iPad price point. The Kindle Fire is a great indication of that. Windows 8 on the other hand will have a flying start I think as people are excited about a full operating system on a tablet device.

        Windows 8 tablets will probably see more adoption, but that doesn't mean Windows 8 RT won't see business adoption either. As long as they're all covered by the banner called Microsoft Exchange, that is one advantage that only MS can boast of

          Why would you buy a Windows RT tablet at $800 if you can get Android for $250 or iOS for $500 if both have great Exchange integration. A $250-300 Windows RT tablet and Windows will take over the world. Alternatively if Microsoft create a Metro version of Office for RT only then a lot of users will get Windows RT tablets over Android and iOS.

        The same is true of iOS and Android. Most tablet buyers I know are disappointed at the lack of utility of their devices. Overall they are happy that they do what they do very well but they are also a little disappointed that they are no replacement for a proper computer.

    IIRC doesn't MS get a licensing fee for every Android device sold? It's something like $20 rather than $85, but Android is NOT free!

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