Why Apple Stores Tilt The MacBook Pro Exactly 70 Degrees

If you thought Apple squeezes all those dollars out of your based on product and design alone, you're giving them too much credit.

Carmine Gallo, writing for Forbes, reports on an interesting bit of consumer-behavior mindfuckery the stores employ, specifically to seduce you into a love affair with their products -- the MacBook Pro with retina display, in particular. Each morning, Apple Retail employees use an iPhone app as a level to ensure each screen is titled to exactly 70 degrees.

[T]he main reason notebook computers screens are slightly angled is to encourage customers to adjust the screen to their ideal viewing angle-in other words, to touch the computer! ... Apple wants you to see the display for yourself and to experiment with apps and web sites to experience the power and performance of the devices.

It is for the same reason, Gallo explains, that the Apple Retail Stores let you spend unlimited time playing with the devices and browsing the internet, without any pressure to leave. They know their products are great, and if only you could try them out for yourself, you would see how truly great they are and how you absolutely cannot walk out of those gleaming glass doors empty handed. [Forbes]



    Of course, where it falls down is that they aren't actually that great. I swallowed the hype and went to check out the new iPad in the George St store and I had to ask a staff member if I was really looking at the Retina display version or not, because it didn't seem particularly special to me. He was quite miffed that I had asked. Then I walked up the mall to Harvey Norman and I thought that several of the tablets they had in store had screens that were at least as nice. In part I think that was down to store lighting - the huge amount of natural light in the Apple Store has to affect how good their displays looked, whereas H-N is in an basement and in artificial lighting the screens look fantastic - but if Apple really are so determined to give potential customers the best experience, they might want to consider putting blinds on their store front.

      Wow you really have no clue do you?

      a) you thought a retina display was nothing special
      b) you couldn't tell the difference
      c) you shop at harvey norman
      d) a small percentage of Apple stores have shopfronts to the outside
      e) the fact that you think blinds help sell computer hardware

      LOLz - have fun with your Samsung products


          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

            So someone makes a comment about how they saw little difference in display quality from an iPad compared to other "tablets" and thought it might be to do with lighting quality. You then proceed to go on a rant about Windows 8 laptops and Apple hatred? Troll or stupid? That is the question.

        Yep, I agree with you that Sammy does make better products.

          A) You sound like a di*k.

          Design wise, they would want to considering the had to rip Apple off for the idea. I love how people think Samsung's products are unique, but in fact everything from the OS (i.e. Andriod) to the design is just blatant copyright.

            I'd encourage all Android supporters to let Brendan know how much Apple has "stolen" from Android. Notifications drop down bar, anyone?

        1. He didn't mention Samsung once.

        2. It's painfully obvious that you're hopelessly in love with Apple.

        3. And no, (1) and (2) don't mean that I hate/love Apple. I just hate fanboys, leaping to the defence of brands when it's not needed.

        Hey man, Macs are cool and all but I'm kind of tired of them completely dying on me when I'm trying to do something as simple as pausing a corrupted video file.

        a)-b) I'm pretty sure I have one or two more clues than you, as I work in the film/TV industry and spend my days working out how things will look on all kinds of screens. I'm sure if I held a new iPad up side-by-side with an iPad2, the difference would be obvious but simply picking one up in a store gave me no impression of superior display technology. Retina Display is a marketing gimmick that convinces sheeple they are getting something wonderful, even though they don't need it.

        c) It is interesting that you would assume I shop at Harvey Norman. Yes, I visited a Harvey Norman store right after the Apple Store but there is nothing in my post to suggest that I shop in either. I'm sure it suits your world view to believe that anyone who disagrees with you must be some kind of idiot but I'm afraid your response tends to indicate that it is you who is not the full quid.
        d) Certainly, but pretty much all their flagship stores are glass-fronted like George St, which suggests that is their preferred style.
        e) Try and have a think about what I said and how stupid your response is, then get back to me with a comment that makes at least some kind of sense.

        BTW, I don't currently own any Samsung products but I have in the past and have found them to be excellent. OTOH, I use Apple products at work every day and find them to be incredibly frustrating. e.g. What Apple call a mouse, Torquemada would have found extremely useful in his line of work, but it does explain why Wacom tablets are so popular in mine and why so many Apple users prefer to use the trackpad on their MacBook.

          I couldn't tell the difference between the 2 and and the new one when they were released. I kept going into stores and trying to see a difference with the iPads on display. They should really put it next to an old one. But even then you won't be able to tell unless there is something on it that utilizes the Retina Display.

        For once I agree with MM. You think because his opinion doesnt meet your 5 point criteria for "having a clue" that his view isnt valid? Pot calling the kettle black - to me you sound like some one who has less of a clue, especially with your Samsung comment.

        I've checked out the new iPad in Big W (where you can touch it) and in a variety of other stores, and seriously I dont get what all the fuss is about in Retina displays? I cannot tell the difference either. It must be something only a fanboi can see I suppose.

        Oh and BTW, if you are a good shopper, you'd be visiting Harvey Norman and a bunch of other stores. But then again I guess your fanboi-ism must overtake your sensability and force you to buy only at an Apple store to be "holier than thou". I smell a douche.

        croops you must have been drinking the Koolaid again...ipads are made by samsung so your enjoying a samsung product too.

      The retina display is actually very easy to spot, this coming from someone who strongly dislikes apple.

        Had to chime back in here given the number of responses...


        a) I'm not sure your film/TV industry background gives you any kind of cred here. Not sure you should be questioning my cred either - I actually design apps dude (c:

        b) It's not a gimmick. To put it in your terms, it's similar to the difference between SD and HD broadcasts.

        c) Yes you shop at HN. So do I. It was a joke (c:

        d & e) You forgot about the variable called 'sunlight'. Everyday - anywhere between 5pm and 9pm - it goes away. Shops are still open at these times. Still selling computer hardware - yes - even Apple stores.

        f) The Samsung dig was meant to highlight the fact that - yes - you may have just been trolling with your short sighted comments.

        Short sighted... hmm... perhaps why Retina doesn't resonate with you.

          look at the callender its still light out till 10pm this week. and it comes up again around 4am.

      I have to agree with MM on this one. On launch day I walked into my local Next Byte to check out the new iPad and they didn't have the iPad 3 labelled and initially I thought it was an iPad 2... I couldn't tell the difference in the lighting conditions. And after my nephew got his iPad, I got a chance to test it out for a couple of weeks and its a big difference testing it in low light conditions. This would be the same with any phone/tablet/laptop. If you test a screen in high light conditions its like testing it out outside in the sun and making a judgement of a screen from that.

      Why do you post on every Apple story? You're clearly a troll.

      This was an article about the macbook pro, but you post about your latest hatred of the new iPad. Get it together. Can you make up your mind.

      oh, MotorMouth. What would we do without you, buddy?

      I waited specifically for the retina display iPad, and I actually dislike using iPad 2's now. I've decided that when i buy a computer now I worry about things from the outside in: build quality, keyboard/trackpad, display, then all the internals. The display is absolutely crucial to everything and im quite happy that at least one company in the industry is pushing this on all their devices.

      Reading through that: I am unsure what you have just tried to say, your story starts arguing something but backs it up with some irrelevant topic. Please Elaborate?

    I am intrigued by Apple, I am still toying with buying one for my wife, BUT...

    TO this day they are still just the same old PC that you can get ANYWHERE but at more than twice the price.

    The 'beautiful' design etc amounts to nothing 1 week after purchase and 3 months after a two year old has pulled the plastic keys off the keyboard.

    So despite my intrigue, I am truly waiting for a new device that is not a PC inside and is truly awesome as Apple claim.

      Not an apple fanboy as i own both an iPhone 4 and a Galaxy Note and regularly use a PC and a Mac. I have been using Toshiba, HP, Sony in the past and now have owned a Macbook Pro for over 3 years which has not broken down once since! All the batteries, motherboard failures and heating issues on the other brands would break down within 1-2 years, but I have had the Macbook Pro for over 3 years now and the battery is running at 80% capacity and still works like what apple said about its 1000 charge lifespan back in 2009. Even though its more expensive than other brands, at least the engineering is years ahead of its competitors.

        I dunno my PlayStation1 still works and it's a Sony. And do remember there all made in the same factory. Foxconn make sony as well.

          I was talking about laptops, not gaming consoles.. and yes majority of them come out of the same factory, but as i said its the engineering that makes the difference.

            The engineering stops them failing. Well seen these days dry joints are the biggest killer of equipment explain how "the engineering" stops this as dry joints are a manufacturing defect. And well what do you mean by the engineering

        Depends on the laptop Mango.. I've had a Sony Vaio since 2005 that still works perfectly (albeit slow when compared to the mosters available now).. companies like Apple and Sony probably use better quality parts (hence the price).. but please dont simply assume that Apple is the alpha and omega of quality and reliability..

    This article is just a small insight into the extent of marketing and sales not just Apple .
    My guess is that you have to resort to these sort of tricks you've got a lot to learn from "KIRBY" about real sales, Imagine selling a vacuum cleaner(Home Care Maintenance System) for the price of that Apple computer and you'll get the picture LOL

      Like Dyson do all the time?

        Yes that's exactly it it's just marketing and who does it best sells the product, I didn't really mean to single out Apple but the article is about them.......

        Kirby is a pyramid scheme, very different from any marketing approach mentioned here?

    The usual predictable apple hater rant from the usual culprit.

      Pathetic isn't he?

    How ironic that many Apple fanboys reject a user's experience and claim it's an Apple hater. These are called normal consumers, and if you ignore their feedback, it puts you on the outside, not them.

      So true I have had terrible experiences with the macs we use at work and have become 100% PC as a result. I never had any problems with my PCs. Thats just my experience though may be different for others. Been labeled so many things just because my experience as been different to others.

    This just in.......... HP are trying this same selling tactic, still nobody touches their junk..........
    The Apple haters here should pick on someone their own size, like a 10 year old girl. You might win credibility then.

      Hey Kroo, your preferred rhetorical technique is called the "straw man attack" and it means that everyone knows to disregard you.

      Besides the fact that HP make some of the best professional workstation machines around...

    I own ipad2, saw the ipad3 in store, could not understand what all the fuss was about, certainly not worth the upgrade from 2>3.

      I have an Ipad 1 and i still dont get what all the fuss is about. my ipad1 plays angry birds etc perfectly fine.

      I highly renemmocd the . It is unimaginably convenient having *everything* you need all in one package like that, and they're quite handsome IMO. I've had several friends pick one up after seeing mine.

    I don't hate Apple.. I just don't like their pricing for equivilant products. They are similar in many way and have many of the same problems other products have when first released and so on. I love what Apple is trying to accomplish.. I just dislike the pricetag you have to pay for their ideology.

    What I dislike even more is people who can't discuss a topic such as this without resorting to personal attacks. It's an opinion people.. if Apple products are so wonderful, why do you need to resort to schoolyard antics and pathetic insults to defend them? Pathetic.. and if you could look at yourselves, you'd see just how pathetic you are.

    "You're just a stupid Apple hater!", "Am not!' "Am Too!"

    Grow the feck up.

    Gotta love the Samsung/Apple trolling fanbois. Cracks me up every time. Here's the deal: I couldn't give a flying fsck what anyone else likes. I don't like Apple products, so I won't buy them, that's my choice as a consumer.
    My wife has the latest iPad, but only because she won it through work. I'd never go out an buy one.

    I haven't personally seen the retena display yet but if it's anything like amoled it'll probably more noticeable the darker the room. The quality of blacks make a big difference but rarely noticed in daytime light conditions

    Wikipedia retina display and read the criticism's section, could explain why some see differences and some don't

    I'm not a fanboy of either Mac or Samsung, but I do have a Galaxy s2.

    But oh how I laughed at all the rather sad people queuing on George Street (as I biked past on my way to work) to get the iPad when it came out, especially as JB Hifi had loads of them sitting in the shop on the same day at 9am, for $10 cheaper.

    But of course that is missing the point. People don't buy Apple products because they need them or the product is better, they buy them because they (mistakenly) think that owning a "cool" product will somehow make them cool.

    And hey, if that's what it takes to make you feel fulfilled, far be it from me to rain on your parade. But that Apple store *is* totally lame. There should be a website, like peopleofwalmart, called peopleofapple.com...

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