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Welcome to Whitenoise, where you can come to talk about anything you want with other Gizmodo readers. Trying to resist the temptation of buying a new laptop. At first, I was looking at the cheaper ultrabooks, but I couldn't find one with a decent screen. Now, I'm eyeing off a Clevo — seems like the best way to get good specs and a quality display. What's stopping me is the weight... I've gotten used to owning a sub-2kg notebook.

A new week, a new thread. Feel free to take the conversation anywhere you like. Create some whitenoise by commenting below...


    Do it Logan! Not sure abou these days, but the bigger 17-inch Alienwares used to be rebadged Clevo machines :/

    Wait for MS to release their Win8 touch screen Ultrabook mate, That way I'll be jealous and be forced to follow suit.. :)

      I'm waiting to see what the final product of all these Windows 8 machines really plays like. Windows 8 is a good looking piece of software based on my time with the Dev, Consumer and Release preview

    WD-40 has to be the best thing ever invented! My HD5770 graphics card fan stopped spinning yesterday and even after blowing out dust and trying to get as much out of as i could it still wouldn't budge.. But after spraying a little dab of WD-40 inside the motor it magically started working again and like brand new!

      That's a whitenoise top tip right there. I'm always nervous putting chemicals and liquids near my gadgets. All my geeky training tells me that the two should never ever mix and yet WD40 in a graphics card and Silvo for scratches on screens seems to work ok. Still makes me uneasy though.

      Nice fix on the graphics card, though. The heat from the thing didn't cook it alive when the fan stopped spinning though?

        Nah, I only noticed when it started making a noise... Plus its the secondary card running in CrossFire.

        Watch the video below for the safest method, but the fan from my graphics card didn't have an opening under the sticker , so I had to use a plying tool and squeeze the hose in from the sides which worked perfectly and didn't short circuit anything inside. Just make sure you clean off any external liquid unless you want to get high off your PC ;)


        WD40 is designed specifically NOT to mess with electrics.
        That's why it's original use was as a wet engine starter.
        Spray it liberally all over the distributor / spark plugs etc if you get you car motor swamped by trying to drive through a lake for eg. It removes water moisture.
        Use in anything electrical, just don't go nuts as it can make a mess of things. (as in greasy mess, not damage mess)

      Circuit board cleaner and Methylated Spirits are also fluids you can use in a PC with impunity,
      Just let then dry out for a couple of minutes before turning anything on,
      Especially with Metho as any sparks may result in a thrilling personal fire show. Unlikely, but vaguely possible. Besides, if you have any electrical arcing going on inside a PC, you've got bigger problems than a stuck fan for eg.

    Not sure if Giz is doing a live coverage of Microsoft's announcement, but I found a live blog if anyone wants to tune in... http://live.ubergizmo.com

      OMG surface tablet thing!

      That thing is super awesome. Could have me switching from the Asus Transformer.

        It's been a great week for Microsoft so far. First the Surface announcements, now Windows Phone 8 stuff. It's a sexier Microsoft than I'm used to that's for sure! We'll have to see if the products stack up to the hype over the next few months.

          I think hardware will stack up. design looks impressive and unless they're using seriously outdated internals it will be fine. Last two gens of mobile processors (ARM or x86) can handle pretty serious load. MS, ASUS etc have all shown some impressive hardware.

          What I'm interested in seeing is whether we'll actually be able to live solely in the Metro interface. I'm running Win8 release candidate now on my shitty Dell and I never leave the desktop. there's just not the apps there yet. They'll need the Metro ecosystem fully fleshed out before launch or they're going to have some frustrated people using legacy programs with a touchscreen.

    Hi, guys.
    I was wondering if any of you would be able to help me with a computer problem.
    I am connected to my network via a LAN cable, whilst dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 7.
    The problem is, for some reason, I can acess the internet perfectly fine in Ubuntu (as I'm doing now), but when I go to Windows 7, it isn't recognizing a LAN connection.
    The LAN cable is plugged into the motherboard. Does it mean that Win 7 requires a seperate LAN card?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

      From my limited knowledge troubleshooting multiple operating systems (I'm having a similar issue right now, actually), I'd jump to the logical conclusion and say it's a driver issue, but you will have tried that by now so I'll scratch my head and shrug.

      I'm assuming your router has a Wi-Fi component. Perhaps pick up a cheap wi-fi dongle if you're really strapped for internet in the meantime?

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