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So... Prometheus is out. I haven't seen it yet and a such, will be doing my best to avoid all-things spoiler. That shouldn't stop you guys from chatting about it. Just one question: What happens to Dumbledore?

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    Is it just my imagination or is there less articles showing up less frequently on the Gizmodo mobile site recently?

      It's been a bit of a slow week. Sundays and Mondays are usually the quietest of all the days of the week.

    So, people's thoughts on the new airs and pro's?
    Two questions from me.
    1. What will the gaming be like on the new pros?
    2. What kind of like spec'd equivalent rivals are there out or on the way?

      Not sure about gaming just yet. Should be good looking at least with the new retina displays. Looking forward to seeing how Diablo III performs, myself. In terms of rivals for gaming, there's always the Alienware line of gaming weapons-disguised-as-laptops?

    I was thinking how about Gawker crowd-fund a Scifi Film? Arthur C. Clark's Nemesis has the right amount of Backstabby Politics to make a scifi interesting. You dont even need to Crowdfund it - just sell shares in the film like they did with Lightning Jack.

      I'd help crowd fund an *aussie* Sci Fi. Gawker is the US side, too -- in Australia it's Allure Media.

        I've got five bucks and a smartphone camera. What more do we need?

          Have you seen the movie Battle of Los Angeles? That was a straight to DVD movie with some spare change out of a $5 budget, It would be generous to call it a B grade movie.

          In one scene i swear i could see the strings that were holding up a space ship.

            You're talking about
            Battle of Los Angeles http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1758570/
            World Invasion: Battle LA http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1217613/

            Battle LA had surprisingly great effects, and urban / day shots too (still quite rare)

              World Invasion: Battle LA (or Battle: Los Angeles) as it was known locally, uses a lot of shaky camera work. Doco-style for a lot of it too as I recall. I can't imagine that shooting in daylight, shaky-cam style in an urban environment was particularly easy on the special effects team. I want to see Battle Of Los Angeles now, though, if the special effects are really as bad as you say.

              If you love bad movies, there's a great podcast called "How Did This Get Made" which you'll love. They dissect just awful movies in an attempt to answer the lingering question: how did this get made?! Well worth a listen for awful movie fans.

              No i was talking abut Battle of Los Angeles, as i said Battle of LA is one of those straight to DVD movies that didnt have a huge budget like Battle: LA had, i am not saying its a particularly bad movie, but its very cheesey.

              I saw it on the Universal channel on Foxtel which i saw such gem as Titanic 2 and the most over acted "NOOOOO" in movie history.

              These movies are more funny but some like Battle of LA is just sad.

                I suppose i have just contradicted myself there, Battle of LA is one of those movies that sucks so much that it does a 180 and becomes viewable just for the mere fact that it sucks so much.

    Not happy with the amount of articles that have been put up surround Apple and their products- Please remember that there is an Apple website people can go to if they want to have Ipods, ipads, macbooks and iphones jammed down their throat. Gizmodo used to offer such an awesome variety of articles I'd catch myself checking it every hour or so.

    Go back over the last week and count the aricles- is Gizmodo getting something under the table for promoting apple, or is the new editor just trying to convert the world?

    I'm not usually a whinger, but I can't stand one of my fave sites being ruined by so much apple junk.

      Hey Andre. I can guarantee you we're not getting anything from Apple, nor am I on a conversion crusade. If I'm perfectly honest with you everything at WWDC gave me the shits except iOS 6. I'm not a fan of the new Retina MacBook, I don't like Mountain Lion and iCloud feels half-baked a lot of the time.

      There was a lot of Apple content to cover, and there still is, because of WWDC. You can be sure when there's an event on that garners that much attention, we're going to cover it to the best of our ability. Sorry you're disappointed with the content, but it's not like we've become a pure Apple site.

      I promise we're still working on the cool articles you refer to. Check back every hour or so like you used to and I guarantee you'll find them.

        Many thanks Luke!!! I forgot to say that you're more than welcome to overrun the site with android articles whenever you please! (yes I know that's not fair but meh.)

          Simply put. It's WWDC week. We also live blogged the Samsung Galaxy S III launch in both UK (first sighting) and Australia. News be news.

    Nooooooo, the addiction has begun, Damn you ThinkGeek... I now have one of those battery level coffee mugs and two titanium sporks and using my Geek points i used to order some of the keyboard cleaning putty.

    I wanted one of those prescription hip flasks as well but they sold out before i could make an order.

    What. The. F#^K microsoft!
    Is this true??? Man, Skype is just going to shit. The first time my call gets interrupted with an ad, skype is getting uninstalled and the account cancelled.

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