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Welcome to Whitenoise, where you can come to talk about anything you want with other Gizmodo readers. I'm still recovering from the 'Dons loss to Melbourne, but it's probably a good wake up call. I'm also contemplating installing about a hundred of these things once summer returns.

A new week, a new thread. Feel free to take the conversation anywhere you like. Create some whitenoise by commenting below...


    I've been trialing Windows 8 since the first Dev release and now the latest iteration, however with this version, 8 takes control of the boot up sequence and takes away your choice over which OS boots first. Previously I was using 8 for the basics but using 7 for the dicky stuff because of driver issues mostly but also for games, (ME2/3 & Diablo 3). Before I could just goto the trusty F8 key and choose to boot into 8 if I wanted, now I have to choose from 8's boot menu, which is a bit of a pain. Anyone know if there is a way to get the boot up to work like before or at least to get 8 to let me choose the priority OS..? OH, I have both OS's on separate SSD Drives

      Righto.. probably should have looked a bit closer to the boot screen first eh?
      Actually a very useful set of controls here, likeing it a lot.

    We need to outlaw sex and marriage on the grounds that string theory invalidates religion and evolution. And before you freak at the previous sentence All life is the same life at superposition so you would be having sex with yourself.

    I'm hoping to reclaim some of my tax return next month (after my wife and kids have taken their share), so I might be able to replace my (somewhat aged) laptop. Unfortunately it means I’m probably going to miss the end of financial year sales.

    The main criteria in what I’m looking at so far are: screen size between 13-14”, upwards of 4GB RAM, and a sleek design that’s easy on the eyes and comfortable to use. I don’t care about HDD size (anything north of 64GB is fine), but definitely want an SSD – even if it means installing one myself later on. I’m not particularly bothered about CPU - Core i3 or up is fine, and I don’t care if it’s 2nd or 3rd gen. The cheaper end of the ultrabook range definitely looks appealing, as long as I can find something within budget.
    Budget so far is looking sub ~$800.

    Front runners so far are the Dell Inspiron 13z which is selling for $699; and the HP Folio 13 which JB HiFi have for $791. If I’m factoring in the cost of a cheap SSD upgrade for the 13z, the Folio 13 suddenly becomes the cheaper of the two.

    Anyone have any other suggestions for what’s available on the market at the moment?

      Dell has an end of finacial year sale to if you swing that way.

      Other than that JB has some good deals on often, and check out oz bargain.

        Man, I know we have Ultrabook ads on the site right now and everything, but seriously -- for $800-ish I'd go the Zenbook UX12. If you must have a 13-incher, I'd get a Dell XPS 13. I know $300 more etc, but SRSLY ;)
        Then again...there's this. Do want

          Thanks Dan. Asus' Zenbooks are a seriously nice looking bit of kit - though I haven't seen it available for the ~$800 mark in any configuration so far. I am concerned that 11.6" screen might be heading too far in smaller direction too. Whatever I get is going to be my primary machine, and isn't going to get hooked up to an external display at any point - so I don't want too small a screen size, but then I also tend to find 15.6" screens to combersome to use. 13-14" so far looks like it could be the best compromise between the two, and the 13.3" form factor seems to plenty of brands catering for it.

          I agree the XPS 13 looks like a great unit, arguably better value for money (which is a winner for me) - but it's unlikely I could probably stretch the budget that far. The Folio 13's entry level config hit's pretty much every criteria I've set so far, and I've seen some great reviews floating around for it.

          Either way, I'll definitely look a bit more into both of them and see what I can dig up, thanks! :)

            On the budget side, check out this great deal:

    I'm still disgusted that KODAK USA folded. I mean really? A research facility and factory and they couldn't even invent a mass produced cheap as hell camera with enough megapixels to cover the entire surface of a 15 inch laptop screen capable of taking high res images of the moon from earth to the point you could photo the Lunar lander parts left behind?

    Obviously someone was a waste of their wages.

      They just took too long to transition. Outside of the Kodak Easyshare Dock and some OK multifunction printers I remember testing personally (with good cost-per 4x6 print for the time -- http://www.pcworld.com/article/128730/kodak_announces_new_multifunction_inkjet_printers.html) -- there wasn't much Kodak hero products. Now they're just a portfolio of chemical patents.

    Any of you guys using "Win 8" with system files unhidden and unable to get rid of the desktop.ini files?
    In all previous version of Windows I've had system files unhidden, just deleted the desktop.ini files and they stay gone. But with 8 they just come back next boot. Not a desperate issue I know, but still annoying.
    I realise I can just select hide system files, but I've never had to before and I like seeing the system files.

    Seen this? http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/digital-life/mobiles/windows-phone-to-surpass-ios-by-2016-analyst-20120608-1zzpl.html
    Windows Phone to overtake iOS?!? I'm a WP user and think it's a great platform, but this sounds somewhat far-fetched to me...

      Hmmm. Motormouth writes for Brisbane Times? I kid, I kid

    BEWARE! Had a phone call this morning (6am) from someone claiming to be from AGL, that our power bill had not been paid, and if it wasn't paid immediately, our power would be cut off at 7am. Obviously a fishing scam, as we are not even with AGL.

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