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Welcome to Whitenoise, where you can come to talk about anything you want with other Gizmodo readers. I don't want to complain about the weather, but man, is it just me or is it crazy cold? Going by the Bureau of Meteorology, nope, it's most people too.

A new week, a new thread. Feel free to take the conversation anywhere you like. Create some whitenoise by commenting below...


    Cold? Nice and warm in Sydney :p. Try Canberra.

    Anybody else having an issue with FF 12 not refreshing properly after writing a comment? I've had to hit Ctrl F5 to refresh for days now, Chrome seems to work fine.

      Yeah, i have noticed that some comments dont immediately show up after submitting them.

        Hi guys, I'll ask our tech team to look into this. Cheers

      I have just tired Google Chrome, i dont know why people bleat on that its the fastest browser, it loads so slow for me, maybe IE level of slowness.

      Its probably my laptop but i think i will stick with Firefox.

    I have to complain about nothing here... bought a HTC One X from Optus in Adelaide here... Got it home and after a few weeks.. I realised that my GPS receiver side of things wasn't able to pick up any satellites. I took it in a week ago now.. Told it would take 2 weeks, which in my point of view is too long to be with no phone. Went back today and they told me that it went to Sydney and they've only just received it. Now its going to take 3 weeks instead of the 2 they first told me about. They should be paying for my current contract with Telstra cuz this month I can't use it at all.. They are refusing to do that too. They are the ones that sold me the dogey phone.

      Who refused? Call telstra, the stores can't do anything.

        if you bought it from a reseller (not directly from telstra or official telstra shop) telstra can't do shit. if u wanna complain about the issue, its probably best to contact the TIO

          His post indicates he bought it outright from Optus. It's not part of a plan. Sucks to be without a handset, but I reckon you'd struggle to get the handset seller to care about your contract with their rival, or get your service provider to care that you BYO handset broke.

    IS this thing on?

    (test post)

      I don't know what complaining will do tho... its not Telstras fault... its not my fault.. its not (kinda) Optus's fault.. its more HTC for selling doggy products without testing them fully.

    Does anyone know a good hard drive data recovery place in Syd? I've done as much as I can to access it on my own but no good, so any tips would be much appreciated?
    Someone mentioned On Track Data, but they're quoting between $500 plus which seems a bit much for just a hard drive.

      Dunno if it's too enterprise-oriented, but worth getting a quote from:http://www.payam.com.au/

      PS Carn the Blues.

    Two quick questions peoples...

    First is... Are Huntkey PSU's any good? The repair guy from my local computer store says that they are reliable, that he has only had one come back with a failure. I was thinking of picking up a Corsair TX 650M modular power supply.


    Second is, has anyone had any issues with buying graphics cards from Amazon? i have seen a EVGA GeForce GTX 570HD card on the website and want to know if anyone has had any issues with buying from them? Buying this card from Amazon is nearly $100 cheaper then buying from PC Case Gear which is good because my budget is a bit tight.

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