What's Apple Going To Announce Next Week?

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference kicks off next week. There will be lots of major announcements for sure, so get ready for exciting times. Here's what we know, what we think, and what we wish was coming.

iOS 6

Like last year, there is a very high probability that Apple will feature iOS prominently at WWDC. iOS 6 will be the cornerstone of the keynote and the follow-up sessions. Don't expect it to be available for users quite yet, though. Like iOS 5 last year -- detailed at WWDC, released in October -- iOS 6 will probably be available at a later date. Also like last year, it will have quite significant new features, perhaps new maps and Facebook integration.

This will be a technology preview or a beta aimed at 1) getting developers ready for its new features and changes, 2) getting consumers excited, and 3) putting the screws to Google.

Gut feeling: Definite

New MacBook Pro

With the current stock depleted and rumours screaming left and right, there is also a very high probability of a new line of MacBook Pros. We think -- and very much hope -- the new MacBook Pro 2012 will be like this, with new industrial design, Ivy Bridge chipsets, new graphic boards by Nvidia, high-definition retina displays, and solid state memory drives instead of hard drives, just like the MacBook Air.

But lately there have been rumours of new MacBook Pros with no retina display. I still think that there will be a flagship 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina onboard, while lower-tier versions may not sport that screen. Like in 2010, when there was a special build-to-order option to upgrade your 15-inch MacBook Pro with a 1680x1050, while the rest of the models came with regular resolutions.

Gut feeling: Definite. And I need one, pronto!

New MacBook Air

And since Apple will be updating the guts of the MacBook Pro, there's also a very good probability that the MacBook Air will receive a guts refresh as well. Especially with all of its ultrabook competitors getting Ivy Bridge bumps already.

Gut feeling: Quite likely

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion has been available for testing since last February. There's a high probability that Apple will be previewing and releasing the final version at this event, or at least announcing a near release date. I hope they'll have some surprises to turn the bad into good -- but I doubt it.

Gut feeling: Quite likely

Mac Pro

There's a last-minute rumour that Apple is going to refresh the Mac Pros at WWDC. I'm sure that there are at least 54 people holding their breath for new Mac Pros, but it's hard to imagine Apple releasing a pro product like that -- especially after such a long time of having this line on basic life support. Still, someone claims that this allegedly leaked price list contains model numbers for the new Mac Pro.

This is also a rumour that always comes and goes with every WWDC, but never materialises. That makes me even less sure about this.

Gut feeling: Maaaaaaybe

Apple TV apps

This is an interesting rumour, one that makes sense. If Apple wants to turn Apple TV into a successful platform, it really needs to open up the device to far more apps. Just like with the iPhone, the app ecosystem will be a huge part to turn the Apple TV into something desirable.

Personally, I'm hoping for a Microsoft SmartGlass-ish solution, something that will allow me to tightly merge my iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

Gut feeling: Maaaaaaybe

New iPhone

It didn't happen at last year's WWDC, and the iPhone is so important that it deserves its own product launch. But with so many rumours lately and alleged leaked parts, maybe there will be a surprise.

Gut feeling: Seriously doubt it.

Apple HDTV set

Even though it was later denied, Foxconn's founder said they were starting work with Apple on manufacturing the fabled HDTV set. That means it won't be ready for a long time, if ever. So not a chance, Munster.

Gut feeling: Ha-ha.



    That macpro site your reference with 54 likes now has more than 17,000

    i think the most obvious one is a new imac. the current model is aging there is plenty of speculation that ivy bridge and usb3 will be added. it will most likly be release with mountain lion. i dont want mountain lion. it looks too locked down. all i want is a imac with snow loepard

    What about the iMac?!?! I really want to see this updated too. Otherwise it will be a new 15" MBP + Screen.

    what about the Mac Mini

      Yeah the mini just needs a minor tweak to Ivy Bridge and I'm in.

    Fairly sure iOS updates go with new iPhones, so doubt it will happen. But since hundreds of thousands of people are coming off iPhone 4 contracts, I would not be surprised if they waited until Sept again. Personally, I will be looking for a new phone and a 4S is not going to cut the mustard.

    I'd expect a refresh across all the Apple hardware - Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iMac, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, all to use Ivy Bridge. They're all getting pretty long in the tooth.

    I've always thought the rumors around retina display for the Macbook Pro seemed pretty far fetched, also. I've got the mentioned 15" MBP with 1680x1050 screen, 2011 model, and I have some serious heat issues with it when the GPU's put through its paces. Sure, they could double the resolution or something, but the GPU part they'd have to put inside to drive that adequately would I suspect run far too hot, especially if Apple are also slimming down the case itself.

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