What Is The Best DSLR For Taking Pictures Of Robots In The Dark?

The last time we heard from Crisis Lab, they were shooting video of strippers dancing in the dark to test the Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D800.

Now they're back with another absurdist comparison of the two mammoth DSLRs, closely analysing how well the beasts photograph in low-light conditions. As before, the video is both entertaining and informative. They keep a scorecard with a rundown of everything tested in the series so far, and in the end, the results are split: the D800 is better for stills, the 5D Mark III is better for video.


    Yeah I'm a professional photographer and reviewer , turns up in Ferrari then at end of video "shoots camera ?
    real respect for product ?????

    You gotta laugh, this guy loves pressing peoples buttons and puts just as much effort into the entertainment factor as well as the actual info being presented.

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