What Happens When You Set Off Every Car Alarm In A Carpark At Once?

What would you do if you were in some random carpark and all of a sudden dozens of car alarms started going off at once? Would you shrug it off like the dead-to-everything city dweller you are? Maybe duck and run and wet yourself because Galactus is obviously coming to devour our planet?

Improv Everywhere found out when it pulled the prank for the Guggenheim this week. The verdict? Fun! But harder to turn off than you'd think.

You can see the full rundown of what happened and how, along with the little mishap with the keyless remotes, at the official Improv Everywhere site. [YouTube]


    Hmm good timing, you tube videos are down, it doesnt play embedded going to the real page (or any vid page ends in)

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