What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

NBN Co broke out its chequebook for more greenfields work, Telstra played its hand at regulator nominations and someone actually defended an NBN wireless tower. All that and more happened this week with the National Broadband Network.

It’s a sombre time when any company announces 1900 redundancies, but the mood didn’t stop Conroy from pulling a marvellous segue out of thin air to connect the Fairfax job cuts to the National Broadband Network. [The Australian]

NBN Co ran afoul of the ACCC this week, with the regulator knocking back the company’s access undertaking document, due a lack of proper regulatory oversight outlined within the plan. [The Australian]

NBN Co cut ties with Fujitsu this week and handed more work to Visionstream and Service Stream for the deployment of fibre to greenfields housing estates. [iTNews]

Signal towers are such unpopular pieces of technology. Nobody wants them in their backyard, including the residents of Golden Plains Shire. One resident, though, is standing up to the decision, saying that the tower is necessary for fast internet in the area. Common sense prevails. [The Courier]

The Independent Telecommunications Adjudicator (or ITA Co) is where access seekers go to complain about network access before they bother the ACCC. Telstra this week made its choice for the head of the ITA Co this week: ex-ACCC general manager Dr Rob Nicholls. [ZDNet Australia]