What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

NBN Co’s agreement with Optus inched closer, the corporate plan went to government and foreign workers weren’t on the agenda in this week’s wrap up of NBN news.

• The ACCC provisionally cleared NBN Co’s deal with Optus to shut down its HFC network at a cost of $800 million. [ITWire]

• This was a point of contention for Malcolm Turnbull, who described the ACCC draft determinination as a “a thoroughly unconvincing and contradictory document” that he expects may be reversed following public consultation. [Delimiter]

• MyNetFone received certification for NBN services; to no particular surprise its plans will include a VoIP component. [ITWire]

• The next phase of the NBN’s deployment lies in the new corporate plan for NBN Co, which has been handed over to the Federal Government. We won’t know exactly what in the plan for a while though; it’s due for some serious government scrutiny before then. [ZDNet]

• iPrimus connected its first NBN customer in the tiny Tasmanian town of Triabunna. [ITWire]

• The NBN rollout is going to involve a lot of building work, but NBN Co has said this week that it won’t use enterprise migration agreements to bring in overseas workers to complete the rollout; it’ll seek labour locally instead. [The Australian]