What Are The Most Stylish High-Tech Watches?

Watches have moved well beyond the simple functional timepieces of yesteryear, especially as so many of our gadgets treat telling the time as a very peripheral function. Today's watches aso need to look good on your wrist. Here's our pick of five top stylish high-tech watches. What are yours?

Special mention also to the Sony Smart Watch, Pebble Watch, iPod Nano Watch, Nike+ SportsWatch, I’m Watch, Yuri Gagarin Tourbillon, and Aurora Watch.

Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Leaving aside whether something called an Oktopus ought to have eight hands, Linde Werdelin's diving-centric smart watch has a solid industrial design and comes in Titanium Black, Rose Gold and a very eye catching yellow design. They're apparently bound for Australian shores later this year.

Kisai Uzumaki Kisai's Uzumaki watch has a descending concentric circle design that catches the eye without impeding the watch's time telling function. It's a funky design that jumps out from its more plain wristband in a way that few other watches do.

Harry Winston Opus 12 A watch without hands isn't pointing to the time, right? Not so with Harry Winston's creatively designed Opus 12 , which uses spinning markers in place of actual hands. The result is a watch face that looks busy, but definitely alluring at the same time. The only catch? It's a very limited edition, so you'll pay a pretty penny for one.

Tag Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000 At first glance, Tag Heuer's Mikrotimer Flying 1000 just looks like a sports watch -- albeit a pretty good looking sports watch -- but the trick here is that it's also astonishingly accurate -- up to 1/1000th of a second -- melding good looks with extreme functionality.

Kisai Seven LED Want a watch that really stands out? Kisai's Seven LED Watch borrows conceptually from Tron, using two pulsing light rings to clearly display the time while looking retro-futuristic on your wrist.


    I love the Opus 12

    Seiko wrist holo !!


    Rolex submariner

    Accurate to 1/1000th of a second - over what period of time? Accurate to 1/1000th of a second every day would be good, but 1/1000th of a second every second would be about as bad as my Casio F91W

      I think it's referring to the stopwatch function of the watch.

        You can't press the button that accurately.

    I have a Kisia Night Vison watch. It's not on the list but it should not be over looked.

      Great idea, but the bowing of the numbers looks absolutely terrible.

    I've got the Kisai Seven, and while i love the watch front/face, the band for it is shit, it might be because i've got a really small wrist, but it's constantly popping open. I should really replace the band with a more conventional one.

    anyoe know of an aussie stockist (store front not web) with the kisa 7?

      I think it's only exclusively available online @ www.tokyoflash.com

    No mention of the Pebble?!

    OK, so it's in pre-production but $10M of pre-orders must count for something.

      Read the article, then comment

      "Special mention also to the Sony Smart Watch, Pebble Watch..."

    You talk about high-tech watches and don't even mention the Meta Watch?


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