What Android-Related Firefox Surprise Is Mozilla Teasing Us With?

Mozilla has taken to Twitter to promote a "BIG" surprise it plans to unveil next week for Android users. It has something to do with Firefox, going by the imagery the company provided with the announcement and the fact it included the words "Firefox" and "Android" in the original tweet. No need for Sherlock-like investigative skills here.

The tweet sadly doesn't reveal much else about what to expect, though here it is in full anyway:

#Firefox‬ for ‪#Android‬. Something BIG is coming your way next week. http://mzl.la/KqFX3n

The link goes to the following image. Fast, smart and safe? Maybe a new version of Firefox for Android handsets? Let us know what you think.

[Twitter, via Phandroid]



    I am happy to stick with Google Chrome.

    They say html5 is the future, but flash is still popular. There's just a lot of content missed if the browser does not support flash, especially browsing in desktop mode.

    Dolphin browser is the best for me. No lag whatsoever and much faster than Chrome.

      Agreed, Chrome is highly over rated

    Last time I used Firefaux on Android it was painfully slow to load up. Maybe they've made a decent build of it?

      Current version of Firefox Beta on Android is pretty damned good, fast boot and smoother, I'd use it exclusively if I didn't need Opera's compression stuff!

    im hopeing its a full version of firefox for tablets...im sick of having to use an unstable beta cause its the only one that is handled correctly by the large screen

    Let's hope it's decent, since the current Firefox for Android is total garbage compared to Chrome Beta.

    its the Firefox OS for Android. does no one follow this crap....

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