Western Digital Outs Its Own Networking Gear

Not content with sitting squarely in storage, Western Digital has decided it's a good time to get into home entertainment networking products, outing six new gadgets ranging from switches to network-attached storage (NAS) routers.

The new offerings include the $99.99 8-port Gigabit switch dubbed the My Net Switch, the $349.99 dual-band wireless N-router called the My Net N900, designed to push media to your various devices, and most interestingly, the $499.99 My Net N900 Central, which gives you a NAS device with an N-router built in.

Western Digital says that what makes this family of products different its latest buzzword technology known as "FasTrack". What FasTrack apparently does is detect media content being streamed over the network, and increases bandwidth allocated to that stream to prioritise it over the network.

The new gear will ship from the first week of July.

Would you buy a Western Digital router?



    would i buy one? not without a decent review by atomicMPC or PCmag or a like publication

    I have a Fritzbox!, you'd have to do epically well to beat that for starters.
    The only single issue I've found with it is it won't currently support >2Gb external drives attached to its USB ports.
    It's one of only a handful of routers that will support full speed (100/40) NBN throughput right now.

    I bought their WD Sharespace NAS.
    They should just stick to hard drives

    best review for networking gear is small net builder.
    no one comes close to the reviews they have.

      True, but they seem to cover a lot of routers we can't normally get here in Australia and don't cover many we do.


      Just buy a Netgear 3700 series router, they are great AND cheap!

    I think Billion routers are the best, and have been for a long time.

      I also agree as I recently upgraded to one and it is great.

      I still recommend Netgear's to friends and family though as they tend to be more friendly to the non-techies, cheaper and easier to find in most PC stores.

    Anyone want to explain the difference between FasTrack and WMM?

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