Western Digital Outs Its Own Networking Gear

Western Digital Outs Its Own Networking Gear

Not content with sitting squarely in storage, Western Digital has decided it’s a good time to get into home entertainment networking products, outing six new gadgets ranging from switches to network-attached storage (NAS) routers.

The new offerings include the $99.99 8-port Gigabit switch dubbed the My Net Switch, the $349.99 dual-band wireless N-router called the My Net N900, designed to push media to your various devices, and most interestingly, the $499.99 My Net N900 Central, which gives you a NAS device with an N-router built in.

Western Digital says that what makes this family of products different its latest buzzword technology known as “FasTrack”. What FasTrack apparently does is detect media content being streamed over the network, and increases bandwidth allocated to that stream to prioritise it over the network.

The new gear will ship from the first week of July.

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