Welcome To The World Of Gigapixel Photography

If you feel that your pictures sometimes lack fine-grained detail, they probably do. At least when they're compared to photographs taken with a new supercamera developed at Duke University that's capable of instantly acquiring images packing in a staggering 960 million pixels.

The 93kg device (pictured below) stitches together images from 98 separate 14-megapixel sensors to create the images. While there have been other examples of gigapixel photography in the past, they have relied on panning a camera across a scene, sequentially recording images which are later stitched together. This device, however, captures all the images simultaneously.

The resulting images are so detailed that they can reveal a 3.8cm wide object from 1km away. The image above (click to see a bigger version) shows one of the camera's test shots of a traffic circle. The insets images are digitally magnified by a factor of 13 and show details from 15m to 93m away. The images provide a 120-degree wide view, so look a little bit like the results you might expect to see from a fisheye lens.

One challenge remains though: to make the device, which currently measures 76cm x 76cm x 50cm, just a little more pocketable. [Nature]

Image: Duke/Nature



    WoW! That would capture the hairs on your hairs!

    DO WANT!

    just wait 10 years, your iphone 6G will have one built in. with a flash.

      *climbs into my time machine ...

        Welcome back. I see that your "time machine" didn't work :)

          It did work!... he just keeps coming back 2 seconds before going back again....and again....and.....

        *climbs into time machine to advise Samsung*

    They should have used 41MP sensors :)
    How come it isn't in colour?

    does it do colour?

    Ummm, I saw this about 4 years ago. There is a website with half a dozen x-rez photos. I think that's what the website was called. xrez.com or something. The one I looked at was of a mountain in Yosemite. You can zoom all the way in and see people walking on top. Still pretty cool.

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