Week In Review: Tablet-tastic!

Week In Review: Tablet-tastic!

Week In Review: Tablet-tstic!

It was a big week for tablet news. From Microsoft’s Surface and Windows Phone 8 announcements, through to the Kogan Agora tablet hands on and Apple’s 4G iPad fine. All that and more in this week in review.

The Surface Surfaces

Microsoft had everyone scratching their heads with its mystery announcement on Monday. Ballmer and his merry men unveiled the Surface tablet which drew oohs and aahs from all involved. Is this Microsoft’s chance to get back on top?Read More

Windows Phone 8

Forget the rumours, here’s Windows Phone 8: a sleek, overhauled OS that builds on all the goodness of Windows Phone 7.5 while bringing with it a welcome spec bump.Read More

The Finer Things In Life

Apple copped a $2.25 million fine in the Federal Court this week over its 4G iPad snafu, but the judge had a few interesting things to say about how the case will cost the gadget maker more than money.Read More


We went hands on with the new and improved Kogan Agora Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. We’ll have a more extensive review up soon, but for now, see our first thoughts.Read More

Most Entertaining Story

See This Saw

I love a good bit of light art, and this awesome see-saw was no exception. Read More