Week In Review: Portals, Doubles And A Dash Of Sunshine

Apple put on a show bright and early for WWDC, The Oatmeal went to war and we teamed up with science. Here's what happened this week on Gizmodo Australia.

Chasing The Sun

This week we published the first in a series that will follow a team from the University of Western Sydney as they build a solar car to race across the country.Read More

Dub Dub Dee See

The coffee was flowing freely on Tuesday morning as we brought you all the news from Apple's peak developer event in the US, Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). We saw a bunch of hardware and software announcements come out of the keynote that are well worth chewing on. Read More

A Good Man Goes To War

The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman lost his shit this week, and rightly so, after a website that had been hosting his content without permission demanded US$20,000 in damages. Inman turned the whole thing into a fundraising campaign for wildlife and cancer research in a philanthropic "f**k you" to the alleged legal troll. Read More

Lager Lout

Australia got a crowdsourced beer this week, and we brought you a look inside its brewery. It's a tough job, this. Read More

Double The Dirty Bird

KFC is running a campaign to ruin your arteries all over again by trading Facebook Likes for a shot at the infamous Double bunless burger. So much bacon... Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Friends With Portals

I tell you, there's nothing that brings out the worst in people — especially your friends — than a Portal gun. Let this video be a lesson to all of you: never lend your Portal gun to a friend. Lend it to me instead. Read More

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