Watch The Earth's Heartbeat In This Mesmerising Animation

There's something about this animation that mesmerizes me. Like a lava lamp, but better. It's as if Earth had an invisible heart beat showing through the surface temperature of our oceans. Beautiful.

Made by the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it shows "the sea surface temperature (SST) simulation from GFDL's high resolution coupled atmosphere-ocean model. As the animation focuses on various locations of the world ocean we see the major current systems eg. the Agulhas current, Brazil current, Gulf Stream, Pacific Equatorial current, Kuroshio current."

I wish there was a real time 3D screen saver showing these kind of animations all day long. [NOAA]


    it would be great to see one for oz. is there one on their website? how awesome would this be if it were like some kind of google earth layer?

      I was hoping they would have shown the temperatures in Aus.

    Aaaah! So many Strouhal numbers!

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