Watch Microsoft's Surface Tablet Unveiling In 90 Seconds

Microsoft had one of the biggest product announcements in the company's history last night: the pair of Surface tablets that will take on the iPad and the MacBook Air simultaneously. But since only a handful of tech journalists were invited -- and since we're guessing you don't have an hour to watch the full thing -- we've chopped a video of the whole thing down to just the good bits.

You can check out the uncut version over at Microsoft, but that depends highly on how much Ballmer you can stomach this early in the morning.


    Widescreen gives you 30% more screen? 30% more screen than what? A 4:3 screen with the same height?

      then the iPad i guess

    Looks good and finally a tablet with some real power. And if the stylus and battery life turn out to be good enough then it might become the tablet of choice for artists who need a sketch pad normally. Depending on price this could be HUGE!

    Curious about the tiny storage though. Widows 8 RT must be really small.

      No pressure sensitivity means tablets are rubbish for artists. I purchased a stylus and a few painting apps for iPad and it's not good enough at all.

    There's not really that much balmer. Watched the whole thing last night and was thoroughly impressed.

    When the iPad launched, and with every iPad launch since, I have thought how cool the device is, but what use is it? It has to be suplemented with a full computer at some point.

    With this I will definitely be buying a Surface RT for the missus as she never installs programs and it comes with an office licence, and a Surface Pro for myself. What can't I do with it? It's a full computer and tablet interface all in one.

    Sooooooooo it's basically just another tablet like the rest of them then?


      welcome to the tablet market microsoft........3 years too late.

        I'm sorry but you are an ignorant fool.

        Microsoft has been in the tablet market since about a decade ago. Not so successful because their OS wasn't touch optimised. W8 will change that, especially the RT version.

        They may have diddled with a product 3 years ago but James is right. Apple made and owns the market. Microsoft miscalculated. Catchup is going to be difficult against Apple. Android competes at the cheap end, is there enough depth at the top end?

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