Watch Linus Torvalds Flip The Bird And Say 'F**k You' To NVIDIA

A few days ago, Linux creator Linus Torvalds talked in front of students at the Aalto University Center for Entrepreneurship in Otaniemi, Finland. The chat and its Q&A session was around an hour long and while the bulk of it is probably quite interesting, the best bit -- by far -- occurs at the 49-minute mark when Torvalds delivers his very frank opinion of NVIDIA and its support for Linux.

One of the students asks for Torvalds' thoughts on NVIDIA and its reportedly poor support for its Optimus technology in Linux. The purpose of Optimus is to allow notebooks to dynamically switch between an Intel integrated graphics chip and an NVIDIA one, as performance requirements demand.

Here's his reply:

I know exactly what you're talking about and I'm happy to say that it's the exception rather than the rule. I'm also happy to very publicly point out that NVIDIA has been one of the worst trouble spots we've had with hardware manufacturers.

And that is really sad because NVIDIA tries to sell chips -- a lot of chips -- into the Android market and NVIDIA has been the single worst company we've every dealt with. So, NVIDIA, f**k you!

I don't think NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will lose any sleep over the remark, but I know I wouldn't be a happy camper knowing Torvalds thought my company was the worst ever.



    I didn't know Finnish included asterisks! So what is f**k in English then?


    While I agree with his assessment of NVIDIA, I also have to point out that NVIDIAS attitude is ultimately correct; Linux is NOT a big market.

      Despite the fact its the majority in OS for Servers and Hosting? + plus Linux is the Android OS?

        Who uses discrete graphics in servers?

      Gobby, you really don't know what you talking about

      Goddy, with Android, Linux is a big market. That was precisely Linus's point.

    He looks like the Linux penguin. Was that intentional?

    I recall a time when nVidia was making drivers for Linux and, (was it ATI?) the other supplier didn't. When did the divorce happen?

      Dunno, coulda been around when linux started supporting opencl a competitor to nvidia's cuda.

      They still do make their binary driver for Linux. It just sucks because it's well behind the times - both from the perspective of hardware support as well as supporting the new graphics APIs in the Linux kernel.

    yeah, Respect on a big level. You don't often see the head honcho of any company plainly say out loud in a defiant manner "F**K YOU!" then flip the bird. Awesome

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