Watch How Tesla Uses Robots To Paint Cars

Electric car maker Tesla — famous for the amazing Tesla Roadster electric sports car — is days away from delivering its first all-electric sedan, the Model S. This week, Tesla is giving us a look inside its factory, demonstrating the almost completely automated process it uses to paint cars.

Tesla wrote on its blog today that the Model S body is first dunked into a huge bath that preps the aluminium for painting. It's then baked like a delicious metal biscuit, before "highly-skilled craftsmen" apply a layer of sealer to make it watertight.

The car, which is on rails the whole time, then moves into the painting room, where robot arms draped in bright red covers coat the body in primer, base and clear paint coats. To make sure that everywhere is covered, the robot arms also open the doors and bonnet to spray inside.

You can see more photos of the Tesla painting process on the company's blog. [Tesla via Engadget]

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