Watch How Fast Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Runs

This is how fast the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean runs compared to the current Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The graphic interface is extremely fluid and fast, running at 60 frames per second.

You will be able to get this new graphics engine in a phone like the Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom or the Galaxy S in mid-July -- as well as any new phone with Android 4.1 built-in.

Google calls this new graphics engine Project Butter. You know, because it is as fluid and slippery as hot butter, and because it goes with their whole dessert code-naming for Android.


    The real question is how fast is it with animations turned off? Animations are just needless fluff anyway.

    Galaxy S III I presume...
    Here's hoping Cyanogenmod can add the Jelly Bean features to the original though.

      Eh? The video shows a Galaxy Nexus - why would Google use hardware that doesn't bare their name to demo their software?

    This video does not seem legit? My nexus with ICS is nowhere near that slow.

      Yeah that threw me off too - pay special attention to the people walking around in the background and finger movements, the video has clearly been slowed down; presumably because the difference wouldn't be as noticeable if played at 1x speed.

      Its slowed down to emphasize the difference. re-watch it and pay attention to the people walking around in the background.

    still doesnt look that smooth

      thats cos its recorded at 400fps and played back at 60 so you can see the difference

    That's so weird. I've never seen a Galaxy Nexus run that choppily.

      It's in slow motion....

    The video is in slow motion. Is it possible to get one that shows us what it looks like in real time?

    Release the ROM.. free the ROM... let loose the ROM... :)

    Did you mean Nexus S? I didn't see Galaxy S mentioned anywhere

    The video is in slow motion, but this new feature if done wrong could be a battery killer. Getting the GPU to render faster, and the screen pushing out FPS... not a good mix.

    The big question is, how fast will manufactures push it to their devices?

    Guys the phones aren't that slow usually because this is being played in slow motion!

    And will still get smoked by Windows Phone ;)

      The WP8 not coming to existing devices, it explains how they were able to give away so many phones during that campaign..

    Im sorry, but my Galaxy S2 running ICS seems to be smoother than this. Better video please.

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