Watch: Escher Art, Seth MacFarlane Mo-Cap And Keanu, RZA Kung Fu

Who needs Saturday night TV when you have the maths behind M.C. Escher's art and movie camera tricks right here. We look at Seth MacFarlane's motion-capture suit for Ted, and Keanu Reeves motion-controlled cameras for Man Of Tai Chi. Russell Crowe and RZA also get their Kung Fu on in the first The Man with the Iron Fists trailer...

The maths Behind M.C. Escher's Art

Tessellation, the creation of an image through repeated geometric patterns, didn't originate with the Dutch artist — in fact he was heavily influenced by Moorish art — but he did it perhaps better than anyone. The BBC takes a quick look at the art and life of [M.C. Escher. [OpenCulture]

Seth MacFarlane Goes Motion-Capture For New Flick, Ted

Man Of Tai Chi Motion Cameras

Behind the scenes of Man of Tai Chi — Keanu Reeve's directorial debut will include 40-minutes of fight choreography, filmed by these amazing high-tech motion-control dolly cameras.

The Man with the Iron Fists

Written, directed, and starring RZA, produced by Quentin Tarantino, and featuring Lucy "So Unfairly Hot" Liu — what's not to love about this hyper-kinetic martial arts extravaganza set in 19th Century China? Oh, Russel Crowe, right.

How Aspirin And Ibuprofen Actually Work Inside Your Body

How do those tiny little capsules actually work? This video explains how aspirin and ibuprofen makes your body feel less pain.

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