Vodafone 4G Coming In 2013, 3G+ Coming In September, Network Upgrades Almost Finished

Good news for long suffering Vodafone Australia customers, with the telco today announcing that you'll be able to get access to its 4G network from next year, adding that its DC-HSPA+ service (aka 3G+) will be online nationwide in the coming months.

Vodafone will deploy its 4G network to customers in "selected areas" from 2013 according to an announcement today. Firm dates aren't yet available, simply because the telco is still negotiating over contracts.

Meanwhile, the network upgrades promised to angry customers baying for blood and better service over a year ago are now almost finished, with Vodafone announcing that work has been completed in Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.

Vodafone seems to have left the busiest places until last on its roll-out schedule, with Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne scheduled for "later this year". We're trying to get more out of Vodafone than that.

So one year and $1 billion later, Vodafone is now in a position to again crow about its revamped 850Mhz network and sizzle the things it has coming for its customers in the near future.

These new bits of shiny include access to Vodafone's DC-HSDPA+-enabled infrastructure, weirdly dubbed "3G+". Available from September, 3G+ will allow access to fast data speeds (expected to be up to 42Mbps) that other carriers will have had for two years by the time of its launch.

Never mind that, though. At least it's here now. The only device you'd notice it on right now is the new iPad, anyway. You know, the device Apple recently copped a fine for over the whole 4G-malarkey. Calling it 3G+-compatible isn't going to confuse things at all.

It's interesting, though, that Vodafone have finished network upgrades in the western states of Australia. Are there any Vodafone customers left that can tell us if the service has improved? If so, by how much? Is it enough to keep you hanging on?

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    I'm part of three in Perth.

    It seems, better.

    But that's not really a compliment. Still impossible to use 3G at lunchtime and often during the day I'll switch to the edge network just to be able use data.

    So it's usable, but the problem is is that it is usable now. I really doubt the network will stand the rigours of further users next year, my contract expires in a month or two and I'm not sticking around.

      Do you have a 850Mhz 3G compatible phone? I know the vast majority of prepaid phones won't be able to take advantage of it, but if you've got a Galaxy S2 i9100T or better, they should be getting better coverage, if only slightly.

      Also noticed that it has improved in Perth, there is even reception in places that lacked it before. But agree with Blake about data and future growth issues

    HAHA!! how business inept are vodaphone!!! Let's upgrade the areas with the biggest populations last, that way by the time we upgrade the network in these areas we would have lost the most volume of customers and there will be hardly any customers left on our network.

    VodaFAIL again....

    Live in South-East Melbourne. Pretty crap tbh and Optus is apparently no better. When my contract ends in August I will just purchase my own phone and enter into a pre-paid contract with Telstra.

    everytime voda/3 said they are upgrading something, services bound to get crappy and stay crappy
    in Sydney CBD, my signal "said" 3G full bar, but can't even fire up speedtest app to check!

    not convinced it has improved for me. data rates still seem laughable despite the calls I get at times from the provider telling me how things have improved. my contracts about to expire, so I can't see myself staying on board.

      +1 to that in St Lucia, Brisbane..
      Full bar but no data connection. whats that point. three network was better~

      +1 to that in St Lucia, Brisbane..
      Full bar but no data connection. whats that point. three network is better~

    Shouldn't they be more concerned with making their existing shamble of a network more accessible to it's existing customers before trying to tack on a faux-4g network?

    Too little, too late. They should have rolled this out 2 years ago, I prematurely ended my IP4 contract without penalty by name-dropping the TIO. Picked up a $17/month TPG data sim. Much cheaper and better reception. Voda will have to pull out all stops if they want to convince me to come back.

    I mean the other thing is. Telstra for example, their services work. They're also announcing new upgrades!

    You shouldn't wait for things to fall to shit in order to realize that you need to upgrade.

    Sydney Burbs still feels 3rd world mobile service from Vodafone

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I used to work for Vodafone in Perth. The network techs said that Perth was completed first because they were having the worst network issues, though it could also have been because it made a reasonable scale for a test market.

    Now I have an 850MHz phone, Vodafone is fine for me. Data is usually about 1Mbit, with peaks of about 4Mbit. However, latency is still 200ms+ so even though the connection isn't that slow, it still feels slow. But seriously, the difference between my non-850 phone (Galaxy S) and my new one (Sensation XE) was huge.

    People need to realise that these updates are happening on the 850Mhz spectrum. Most people don't have a 850Mhz phone. My Nexus S isn't capable of that so I'm still suffering on the old spectrum which they aren't investing in.

    I'm in Burwood, Melbourne and speeds are generally the same, if not, slower for me. I've been having this issue for a long time, ever since I switched from 3 to Vodafone, the network has gone downhill. I have a Galaxy S3 which should work on the new 850mhz network but internet download speeds and general network use, prove to be the same.They said they were supposed to be upgrading my area and its well past March, but still... Different Day, Same Slow Network. I don't know what I should do... leave and jump ship to another carrier, or wait it out and possibly have a slow network forever...

    I'll be honest, I live in Perth and am on Vodafone, but only really ever had a couple of problems with signal. Live around Joondalup north of Perth, but work in Osborne Park which is just shy of the CBD and not got any real issues...so Im probably one of the very few happy (enough)with the service

    In Melbourne, sometimes get full bars but still cannot load basic websites , e.g i have a 20 minute walk to the station , i try and load the myki website to check my balance and in 20 minutes i cannot even manage to get it loaded and logged in

    tempted to give the m another chance out of laziness but will probably port over to telstra

    Been a Vodafone customer for over 11 years and must say the past 18 months service in Melbourne has been atrocious. Full coverage and 3G plus BlackBerry Server and still unable to access data and many times inability for voice either. To top it off find out after finally being granted access to online account after 7 years trying to have issue rectified, find that I have had been charged $10 per month without any authority granted to do so for an extra data usage plan when I'm already on 5GB plus BlackBerry. 10 hours on phone with customer retention Finally manage to get that rectified with $600 credit and futher investigation reveals over $700 in charges which were to be included in monthly allowance. Over $1300 credit and 3 months at 50% off plan rate with promise of free new Q10 handset upon release without extension of contract, after misleading conduct entrapped me in a further 12 month plan after being out of contract for 3 years; has seen me continuing as customer. There were some minor improvements for a a month or so which have reverted back to same service coverage issues. Some areas that previously had no coverage however now do have access to 3G. Comparatively I still believe that Vodafone have best plans but what's the point if you can't accurately deliver. Remember the TIO is only a phone call away. Step in right direction bring call centre services back onshore as well.

    Anyone know when 4g network is actively available for Townsville ?

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