Vintage Video Review Of McDonald's Breakfast Makes You Wonder: Who Is He Talking To?

Some of you may be surprised to discover that fast food reviews weren't invented by bored teens on YouTube (or bloggers at Gizmodo).

In this 1984 video, Geek-Glasses Paul (who is perfect and brilliant) gives an on-camera review (using a now-ancient VHS camcorder) of his McDonald's breakfast, like a time capsule straight to the core YouTube contingent of today.

Why did he do it? With what prior planning, and for whom?

My, he is rather taken by that hash brown. [Reddit]



    never had a camcorder as a kid but used to sit around with friends and record skits on cassette tape. didn't everyone do that?

    haha yeah, i agree with John.

    As a kid, i just couldn't be happier at the fact that it was a video recorder! Sure it was sort of embarrassing to watch myself (even with no one around), but i was pretty amazed.

    The same with audio recorders.

    Now i guess with the convenience of Youtube and phones, people just go out trying to be funny, with the an audience already in mind before even recording it.

    Bill Gates.... This is your life...

    He probably want to be a TV News Host when he was that age.. :)

    Probably a school project.

    Produce a review on a meal...

    Do people think they are cool if they say McDonalds is made of crap?

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