Use This Gorgeous Chimney To Silently Cool Your Superhot CPU

Fans are awful because noise is awful. So when we see a way to cool down a scorching CPU with zero moving parts -- that means silence -- we're excited. Especially if it's as awesome-looking as this one.

The CompTake "Chimney" uses 48 hollow pipes positioned directly atop the CPU, creating a huge amount of surface area, transferring the heat produced by the CPU directly into the air. This principle of passive cooling is nothing new, but we haven't seen a take this wonderful-looking -- 48 pipes! -- in a while. And while it'll probably be locked in your tower, out of sight, any true PC nerd takes pleasure knowing it's inside there, piping hot air.

Tweakers says the Chimney will be able to cool chips as powerful as Intel's Core i7-930, but it will still need a fan somewhere in the rig just to keep air flowing. A small compromise. [Tweakers via Fanless Tech]



    To be a chimney its needs to be hollow. These pipes appear to be sitting on a solid block.

      Yeah that's how the heat conducting plate is cooled, the heat is directed up the chimney from the plate. What I want to know is when it's tipped on it's side as happens when you stand your tower up again, is it any less efficient.

        @Noddy - would say a minimal loss of heat diffusion performance when on it's side. There doesn't seem to be an 'inlet' at the base of the pipes, so (-assumption warning-) air convection/circulation doesn't seem to be a key factor, just good old radient heat difusing into the surrounding air, which would suffer a minimal performance hit depending on vertical/lateral orientation, as the heat would be travelling away from the plate along the pipes (thermal conductivity) at rates which would not be overly improved by orientation.

        I had that exact question a year ago in regard to my passive heatsinks.
        Short answer: Thermal conduction/radiation >>>> the role of convection. Kendal is right.

    They aren't chimneys, Its a pipe organ for your PC!!

    I'm still doubting it a bit as you need air to travel through the pipe not just around it or the internal surface area is wasted.

    I agree with the Pipe organ comment...

    Use a fan, tune the pipes, and you will have a multifunction cooling pile heatsink on your CPU....

    Of course it then needs to have a MIDI player attached to the heatsink....

    Music from your PC is much better than the sound of a fan.... (or was that 6 fans..)

    You'll really only need this while running Flash content.

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