US Republicans Unapologetically Lifts Code From Year-Old Democrat Attack Site

The web designer behind this attack microsite from the Republic National Committee (RNC) probably thinks him or herself pretty clever; a blank page with a blinking cursor, below a headline that reads "Obama's New Ideas To Fix The Economy." (A jab implying that Obama has no such ideas.)

Ironically, it's the RNC that has no new ideas in this case. Media consultant and former member of the Democratic Nation Committee (DNC) Matt Ortega tweeted today "Hey I liked the RNC's new microsite better when I launched that same idea last year, douches."

Save for a few minor tweeks — font and word choice, mainly — the RNC site's code is a perfect copy of Ortega's original, "Exciting Things About Tim Pawlenty". (Ortega's joke being that there are none.) [TheAtlanticWire]

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