Trolls, Haters And Baiters: The Annals Of The Internet

Racist jabs. Misogynistic and sexist bragging. Bullyish "kill ya' self" comments. Political preachers. According to Zoe Williams at The Guardian, all of these qualify as legitimate forms of internet trolling.

When is trolling not trolling? Sending targeted hateful or threatening messages is not trolling, it's hating. They're not the same, though that does not make one necessarily better behaviour than the other. A hater is essentially an online bully. A troll is a bully with a bloated sense of self-importance, interested in turning his (or her) shenanigans into a group project of sorts. More voices! More contrary attitudes!

The various personae of the internet commenter — yes, yes, you'll have your chance in just a minute, but stay with me here — make an interesting study. For instance, I've noticed that my comments are different on different sites. And on some I don't leave comments at all.

What do you guys think about commenting in general? Get your opinions out. Now is your chance to lay it on thick. [The Guardian]

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    comment? yeah right... everyone is tough behind their hidden away computers far away from real life face-to-face situations that would normally have someone smack you down, physically!

    commenters usually try to get a point across and the repliers don't read or comprehend the just and let fly with their version of events, usually at the expense of the original commenter...

    giz, you should really moderate more often against the haters!

    now let the trolling begin!

    inb4 'Write your own damn article'

    It seems to me, and I myself am guilty of this, that some comment spaces attract more crap comments than others.
    It seems to depend very heavily on what kind of comments are posted before I post.
    For eg, on THIS site, the first two comments here " First" and "crickets", I find amusing because they are obviously meant in good humor.
    The one from BETLOG makes me think "what a [email protected]@" Ever heard of "not re-inventing the wheel?" and "That's called aggregation". Happens all the time.

    So, I'm a Troll when I feel the desire, and have a laugh if a comment is genuinely funny.
    Unfortunately few are.
    Some sites, I simply do not post in, because there are just too many idiots with a keyboard.
    Unfortunately, this site is rapidly getting that way too.
    My preference is actually for sites that don't have commenting at all.
    In my case, that removes the temptation to kick an idiot.
    Yes, I'm a narcissist and proud of it.

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