This Week’s Top Comments: Winners Announced!

This Week’s Top Comments: Winners Announced!

It’s the little things that make a house a home. In the same way, it’s the readers that make Gizmodo Australia a great site to read, and we’re rewarding some of the insightful few today with our comments of the week!

The two top comments (as decided by our editors) get a Microsoft hardware bundle: a LifeCam Studio HD webcam (valued at $150) and a wireless Microsoft Touch mouse (valued at $70). The third-best comment wins just the mouse. Full terms and conditions here.

First Place

First place goes to Rollz, for an insightful observation on the Hyundai designed to survive the zombie apocalypse:

The front spikes are TROPHY spikes so you can display your catch. The poor design is the length, a lil Hyundai would not have the suspension to carry around numerous bodies. The front lights are a waste as the spikes, then bodies would block the light beams. Worried about the wheel spikes, are they cosmetic??? They look too thin to last more than a couple of encounters. Parking would be a bitch too. Poor design from the Koreans, let the Germans have a go.

Second Place

Virt wins for a great geeky tablet joke:

An iPad user, an Asus Transformer user and a Windows Surface userwalk into a bar.

The bartender asks: ‘Can I get you guys a drink?’

‘Yes,’ they all answer, ‘We need something to wash down our tablets.’

*boom tish*


And the runner-up prize goes to g-man for the best tip I’ve yet seen for Friday nights:

Opening bottles is what nail guns are for.

Congratulations to our winners!

Stay tuned for next week’s competition post that will judge comments posted on our Whitenoise talkback page.