This Sony Action Cam Prototype Is Brimming With Wonderful Tiny Tech

Sony has just posted images of this tiny action camera it's currently developing. It's adorable, but seriously, how the heck is a camera that small going to produce high-quality HD video? It's got solid guts — and not the kind you need to go skydiving.

We actually know two very important components Sony's testing out: the lens and the sensor. First up is the Exmor R CMOS image sensor. Sony developed this sensor technology a few years ago when camera makers were trying to stuff as many megapixels as they could onto sensors. It's a problem, because past a certain point, the pixels get so small that they have a hard time capturing light. The R CMOS sensor is back-lit rather than front-lit. Moving the camera's electronics behind the sensor's photodiodes leaves more room for the megapixels to breathe. Furthermore, Carl Zeiss Tessar-style lenses are famous for their sharpness, and when you're trying to focus the ultra-wide angle shots onto a a tiny sensor, every bit of sharpness counts. [Sony via Engadget]

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